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The 40MPG.ORG Bestselling U.S. Vehicle Hybrid Poll

A number of America's top selling cars, trucks and SUVs already are slated to become available as hybrids in the near future. However, no such plans have been announced for some of America's most popular vehicles, including the following 10 (which are the 10 highest-selling vehicles for which 40mpg.org could find no announced hybrid plans). Please pick three of the following vehicles that you think should "go hybrid" next:

1. Ford F-Series pick-ups
2. Toyota Corolla
3. Chevy Impala
4. Ford Explorer
5. Ford Taurus
6. Chevy Trailblazer
7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
8. Ford Focus
9. Chrysler Town&Country
10. Ford Econoline

Sources: Automotive News (top-selling vehicles) and (for announced plans to offer hybrid vehicles). If you know of a vehicle listed here that already is the subject of plans to "go hybrid," please .

Hybrid Are Catching On ...

A total of six of America’s top 10 selling cars are either already available as hybrids or will be shortly:

#2. Chevy Silverado - available now as a 2005 model year auto in limited states.
#3. Toyota Camry - hybrid version planned for 2007 model year.
#4. Dodge Ram – hybrid production began in winter 2004-2005. May be available yet this year.
#6. Honda Accord - hybrid version came out for 2006 model year.
#9. Nissan Altima - hybrid planned for 2007 model year.
#10. Honda Civic - hybrid version came out for model year 2003.

Other best-selling cars with hybrid equivalents in the top 20 include:
#12. GMC Sierra - Available now as 2005 model on Sierra 1500 Extended Cab 2WD and 4WD.
#16. Chevy Malibu - planned hybrid for 2007 model year.
#17. Ford Escape - already has hybrid version.

Sources: Automotive News (top-selling vehicles), (for announced plans to offer hybrid vehicles), and automotive manufacturer Web sites.

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