Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack – Review & Buying Guide

We are here to review one of the best available floor jacks available in the market. Which in our opinion is clearly the Craftsman 3 ton floor jack.

You might be wondering what this jack has to make it stand out in front of its competitors. The answer is quite simple, its versatility makes it better and recommendable as compared to other 3 ton floor jacks in the market.

This jack comes with a 36 inch creeper, two jack stands, and a floor jack. This ensures that you don’t have to buy these accessories separately, saving you a few dollars in the longer run.

The Craftsman Three-Ton Jack, Jack Stands and Creeper Set will set you up for auto repairs just like the professionals. Not only does this three jack supports all sorts of vehicles including cars, SUV’s, trailers, minivans and trucks but it’s also a three in one jack. Amazing isn’t it?.

While designing this floor jack Craftsman has given special priority to safety and security of both the product and the worker. The craftsman 3 ton floor jack is a 6,000 lb.

hydraulic lift which has a robust and durable design which makes it secure to lift all kinds of vehicles and work under them safely. For detailed review of its features and its pros and cons please keep reading the article below.

Product Description

The Craftsman 3-ton floor jack is a complete three in one jack set that includes a 36-inch creeper, two jack stands, and a floor jack:

Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack in Detail Review

craftsman 3 ton floor jack 2

The craftsman 3 ton floor jack is made of durable and good quality heavy duty construction which keeps it steady while you work under the car safely.

The total product weighs around 70 pounds. The total lifting range of this floor jack is between 5 ½ to 19 ¼ inches, which makes it quite convenient to use with both low profile and standard cars.

The saddle of this floor jack is also well padded with rubber, which makes the contact with the load much secure, and also makes it stable averting any form of slippage. In addition, the rubber padding makes sure that the floor jack does not harm the automobile.

36 Inch Creeper

If you have ever crawled and wriggled along the gravely road to try and get into a dark, tight spot under the hood, you will appreciate what a great jack, stand and creeper set can do for you.

This 36 inch creeper comes with smooth rolling wheels that allow you to smoothly roll under the deepest sections of the car easily. It has an inbuilt headrest that ensures added comfort for the user.

Jack Stands

This floor jack comes with two durable and heavy duty jack stands to support the weight of your vehicle safely and easily while you work under it. These good quality jack stands and the complete package are definitely worth the price.


  • Can support up to three tons or 6000 Ib. weight ideal for all sorts of vehicles including cars, SUV’s, trucks, trailers and minivans.
  • Comes with hydraulic lifting mechanism which makes it very easy to lift the vehicle.
  • This floor jack is a three in one package which includes a 36 inches creeper, two jack stands and a floor jack.
  • The minimum ground clearance is 5 ½ inches while you can elevate your vehicle to the maximum height of 19 ¼ inches using this floor jack.
  • The included 36 inch creeper is quite spacious and comes with easy rolling casters and a comfortable headrest for the user.
  • The set offers easy assembly and storage for your convenience.
  • The manufacturer offers one year full warranty.
  • Comes with an affordable price tag of $196 on Amazon.


  • Strong durable and robust design
  • A three in one including a 36 inch creeper, jack stands, and a floor jack
  • Affordable price
  • A versatile floor jack with the capacity to lift up to 3 tons of weight
  • Lifting range between 5.5 inches to 19.25 inches
  • Comes with a hydraulic lifting system
  • Easy to assemble and store for your ease


  • Jack doesn’t lower until the handle is completely vertical
  • Lowering the jack is a bit tricky
  • floor jack needs to be clean regularly

How to Maintain Your Craftsman 3 Ton Floor Jack?

When you invest your hard earned money in purchasing this amazing gadget then it’s also necessary that you maintain it properly so that it lasts you for years to come. The following steps need to be followed:

  • Regularly inspect your floor jack.
  • Keep it clean from all sorts of dust and dirt.
  • Lubricate all of its moving parts once in a while.
  • Replace the hydraulic oil occasionally.
  • Bleed the cylinder after an oil change.
  • release all pressure in the jack cylinder before storing it

Final verdict:

Being a car enthusiast when you decide to spend money on purchasing the perfect floor jack for your vehicle, in order to do its repair and maintenance yourself safely with ease.

One thing is for sure that tonneau needs to be covered even if you are not carrying any cargo in it. Especially for off-roaders, the dust and debris will ruin the tonneau bed as it would be quite difficult to clean up.

Providing you with the best quality and robust design along with the versatility to be used with almost every kind of vehicle.

In the end I will close with the statement that craftsman 3 ton floor jack is definitely the answer to all your floor jack needs and is worth every penny spent on it.

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