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Walmart Tire Installation Cost, Packages and Best Deals

Walmart offers a wide selection of affordable services especially those related to vehicle. For example, if you need a quick tire installation after a puncture or burst, you can send your car in to Walmart. However, it is important to know what is Walmart tire installation cost beforehand.

Walmart tire service provides two types of packages when it comes to tire installation. They are known as the Basic and the Value Installation. They range from $11 to $12 for the Basic Package and $25 for the Value Package with an additional warranty.

To find out more about Walmart tire installation costs, continue to read this article. You will learn more over the prices and benefits of each tire installation package including the tire services that Walmart provides.

What Is Walmart Tire Installation Cost

A Walmart tire installation’s cost depends on the package you choose. You can choose between a one-time tire installation service or you can proceed with the Walmart tire care package.

The one time Walmart tire installation costs around $11 to $12 per tire. This diverse range in price is because they are served for each design of a vehicle including the tire’s design.

If you add an additional amount of $15 to the Basic Installation Package, you may receive extra benefits. Apart from the Basic Installation Package, there is the Value Tire Installation Package that costs around $25.

An additional cost of $14 per tire can provide you with options of a lifetime balance and rotation services.

Tire Installation takes around 45 minutes to an hour. This is the usual time for any Walmart tire installation regardless of the package you choose.

Other companies such as Bridgestone, Hankook and Michelin offer tire services too however they are less affordable in price range. However, the cost depends on the size of your tires including the quality. Still, Walmart makes sure to offer its customers the best price range.  

What Is Included In Different Walmart Tire Installation Packages 

It is useful to look into what different packages offer before you can decide which one is more beneficial to you. Let’s take a look!

1. Walmart Basic Tire Installation Package

If you wish to purchase tires from Walmart, the Basic Tire Installation Package costs around $15 per tire. This package contains tire services that are significant to your tires.

These can include mounting tires onto rims and installing them onto the car. You also receive brand valve stem/TPMS service packs and an additional 50 mile lug re-torque. A lifetime balance and tire rotations for every 7500 miles is also included in this package.

Walmart has an online website where you are able to purchase this package. However, you will be subjected to paying additional fees such as shipping costs in order to receive the package.

Therefore, bringing each tire including the receipt at the Walmart tire center will allow you to save money. You will only have to pay $15 per tire without the worry of additional costs. The Basic Installation Package is available for any customer to buy.

2. Walmart Value Tire Installation Package

The cost of this package is around $25 per tire. This provides all the same services in the Basic Installation Package with an additional road hazard protection warranty.

However, this package is limited to Walmart customers who have purchased services from Walmart before. Anyone new or who hasn’t serviced their vehicle through Walmart cannot be eligible to buy this particular package.

Therefore, you would have to buy tires from Walmart if you wish to purchase the Value Installation Package. In addition, this package allows you to get a tire replacement for free including for other tire damages such as treatment of the tread.

The package will only allow you to use 75% of the tread to repair the tire for free. Walmart will make sure to efficiently repair your tire however if your tire is damaged beyond repair, it will have to be replaced with a brand new tire.

How To Avail Best Deal on Walmart Tires 

Certain packages and deals can only be purchased if you decide to purchase directly from Walmart. Though Walmart provides the best bargains at a cheaper cost, there are to avail better deals.

Walmart tends to make public proclaims whenever they have coupons available. This also includes discount codes on their online shop. Hence, be observant of the days and timings of receiving these coupons and discounts.

You can aim for months such as April and October since most people are replacing their seasonal tires to buy new ones. This is when Walmart indefinitely provides discounts on tires. 

In order to keep track of Walmart discounts and their availability of coupon codes, you can sign up for their newsletter. Newsletters make sure to keep you on track of Walmart discounts and coupons including their expiration date.

Before buying, it is prudent to check on the health of your tires. This is due to the fact that you can save on money and buy the tires at the right time.

It is better to buy early and not to wait for a flat tire to occur.  Moreover, they also offer a chance for customers to enter in giveaways. Giveaways are a great way to receive something for free without any additional cost. 

Which Tire Services Does Walmart Provide 

As we mentioned before, Walmart provides a number of services. You can get a better idea of these along with their prices by going through the section below.

1.  Install Valve TPMS/Stem

An individual can be able to install stems and TPMS systems at Walmart therefore they do not need to purchase numerous packages including the tires themselves. The price is affordable since each tire costs around $3, totaling up to $12 for all four.

However, it is important to note that these only cover installations; if a person needs to reset their TPMS system or currently does not have one, they would be expected to pay extra to either buy or reset it.

2. Repair a Flat Tire

If a person has a flat or punctured tire, they can get it fixed at Walmart because the store offers tire maintenance, regardless of whether the tires were purchased elsewhere or from Walmart itself.

Typically, a flat repair including mending the tire can cost around $12. Whereas the cost of replacing a flat tubeless tire is around $15 per tire. The kind of tire that needs to be repaired and the state in which a person lives can at times affect these prices.

3.  Mount Tires

One will be required to pay between $5 and $10 per tire if they wish to get their tires mounted at Walmart.

Due to the kind of tires and rims, these costs differ and do not consist of services like TPMS valve installations, resets, or balancing and rotation. Overall, one would be required to pay for each one individually.

4. Replace Lug Nut

It is important for an individual to buy a new lug nut if one of theirs is either damaged or misplaced. Taking the vehicle or tire to Walmart and having a Walmart technician examine it is the simplest and practical option.

They will provide a spare nut at a cost of approximately $2 per lug nut if they determine that the lug nut is beyond repair. Moreover, one should also be mindful that the cost only covers the purchase of the lug nut.

5.  Rotate Tires

One can easily and conveniently get their tires repaired at Walmart on a budget since a one-time tire rotation service will only cost around $2.50 per tire. Even if tires were not directly bought from Walmart, a person can still get their tires maintained and fixed.

However, if the tires were bought from Walmart then it is better to choose one of the two tire installation packages that are composed of these accommodations for the lifespan of the tires to be able to work efficiently.

6. Tire Balancing

Walmart provides decent and affordable deals such as their one-time tire balancing which costs around $14 per tire, especially for individuals who were unable to buy particular tires through Walmart.

If this is the case, another deal that one should think about purchasing is the Value Tire Installation Package or the Basic Tire Installation Package since both of these packages provide a significantly better deal in general.

Should You Get Tire Maintenance At Walmart 

Maintaining a vehicle at Walmart has both advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it is important to know that there are significant differences between Walmart locations.

If a person wants to take care of their vehicle’s tires, mechanics, and routine maintenance then they can visit the Walmart Auto Center, where they can get all kinds of car-related services.

Moreover, if someone wants to know everything that the Walmart Auto Centers can do for their vehicles, they are listed below.

  • Tire mounting installation packages
  • Tire rotation and balancing
  • Lug nut replacement
  • Oil change
  • Wiper blade installation
  • Air filter installation
  • Battery installation
  • Headlight installation
  • Patch jobs

The costs of these services are all competitive and pricey at times since it is not always easy for one to find better deals. Even though, it is stated before that these distinct facilities provide services of varying quality. This is due to the fact that diverse mechanics, supervisors, and managers oversee and direct them.

According to some people, taking their own vehicle to a mechanic who is familiar with it and has the knowledge and skills to maintain it is by far the best option.

Wrap Up

Walmart Tire Installation service is considered to be one the least expensive one and yet provides the highest quality of service in the US. Tire installation at Walmart costs around $11 to $12 per tire which is an exceptional rate.

Along with two packages known as the Basic and Value Installation packages, these offer different benefits at different price ranges. Walmart tire services have some of the greatest deals such as coupons, giveaways and discount codes.

We hope that you found the information above useful to you. Please share as to what your favorite part was of the article? If you have any questions or any inquiries, you may leave a comment on the comment section below.

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