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Where Is The Spare Tire On A Dodge Caravan Minivan?

Let’s say you find your minivan has a flat tire this morning. Okay, we know it is annoying, but you can do something about it! The type of damage or the location of the damage may make using a patch kit impractical or a lot of labor. If the damage is too close to the sidewall, nothing can be done. Time to switch to the spare, but where is the spare tire on a Dodge Caravan? 

Dodge Caravan spare wheels can be installed in one of two ways. The “Non-Stow ‘n Go Seating” and the “Stow ‘n Go Seating.” The spare tire is located beneath the vehicle in both configurations. But each arrangement has a distinct location for the spare, so let us have a look and locate your spare wheel.

The Dodge Grand Caravan’s spare tire may be found in the undercarriage near the front of the car. Well, it is a rather strange place, We must say! Learn how to remove the spare tire from the bottom of your Grand Caravan by reading this article below.

What Is The Procedure Of Stow ‘N Go Seating Configuration

The second and third rows of seats on the Dodge Caravan may be folded into the floor, hence the term states Stow ‘n Go. The spare tire must be shifted forward and closer to the car’s center.

The tire is actually underneath the driver’s and front passenger’s seats. Let’s go over every step involved!

Step 1. Search for the toolkit: Opening the back liftgate should be your first priority. There is a small compartment to the left that contains two tool pouches and possibly an owner’s manual as well. All you’ll need for the time being is a tool pouch without a jack.

Step 2. Put the tool together: Three bars with various patterns should be inside the tool pouch. One of the bars has a vertical stem that is incredibly short and more shaped like a rectangular T. Alternatively, based on the model, the “T” bar can have a “L” shape. 

It should be the same for the other two bars. The rectangular bar has a square hole in the middle, which you can use to place one of the other bars. The last bar should be linked to the tip of its twin such that all three bars together form a huge T.

Step 3. Tracking down the spare tire winch: In comparison to the majority of other cars, here is where situations are significantly different. The spare tire lowering winch may be found in the center console, which is located between the driver and front passenger seats.

Pulling out the rear center console drawer would be your first step in gaining access to the winch. Open the center console’s storage container that is located the farthest forward. Prior to the cup holders is where it needs to be. You should now be able to see the bottom winch nut after just pulling off the bottom of this compartment. All that is visible if the back center console drawer is not pushed out is the inside.

Almost Done!

Step 4. Bringing the spare tire down: The “T” tool should be inserted into the winch nut now that you have access to it, and you should begin rotating the nut anticlockwise. The nut may be difficult to turn at first, but with practice it will become easier. The winch will get much easier to turn after the spare tire contacts the ground.

Up until the point where you can no longer turn the winch, keep turning it. You must do this since you would need sufficient cable slack to remove the tire.

Step 5. Taking the wheel out of the winch system: Now you can start pulling the tire out as the tire is on the ground and there is enough slack present on the cable. However, you must accomplish this from the driver’s side of the car because the passenger-side exhaust is in the way.

There is a distinctive insert on the end of the rectangular bar. Your tool will transform into a hook so you’ll be able to pull the tire out by putting the long bar back into the end.

You can take out the cable once the tire has been removed from the car’s bottom. A plastic bucket with a spring-loaded clasp that is attached to the tire sits on top of it.

Push the clasp’s edges downward. Slip it through the gap between the wheel and bucket’s center to release the tire from its container. The spare wheel is available and ready for use. Then simply replace the tire.

What More Should You Know?

How Can I Do The Non-Stow ‘N Go Seating Configuration

Compared to the Stow ‘N Go, the Non-Stow ‘N Go seating arrangement is a little more basic. The spare tire is located at the back underneath the rear storage compartment on the Non-Stow ‘N Go because it cares less about storage capacity, which eliminates many steps. This is where the spare tire on a dodge caravan is.

Step 1. Search for the toolkit: The first step is pretty much identical. From the storage compartment on the left, take out the toolbox. You only need the jack’s handle, which is included in this tool kit; no additional tools are needed.

Step 2. Tracking down the spare tire winch along with lowering the tire: This time, the winch cover is directly in the center of the cargo space, just inside the opening. Remove the lid, affix the jack handle, and begin spinning anticlockwise without doing any other steps. In order to ensure that the cable has enough slack, be prepared for some resistance when you first start turning. Also, continue to turn even when the wheel touches the ground.

Step 3.  The former step 5 is similar to this step. Simply repeat the procedure to put the spare tire back on in both configurations.

Wrap Up

Determine whether your Dodge Caravan has Stow ‘n Go Seating or the Non-Stow ‘n Go Seating configuration before you can figure out where the spare tire on a dodge caravan is.

You can proceed with the aforementioned steps and get back on the road after you have that information.

We hope that now you have got to know all about Dodge Caravan’s spare tire and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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