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How Long Does Costco Tire Installation Takes and What Are The Fees?

Your car has a lot of alternatives when it comes to tire replacement. We all can install tires ourselves, but for several reasons, we don’t do it. Alternatively, Costco is one of the best places to go to in this case but how long does Costco tire installation takes?

Costco is a well-known retailer on a global scale for offering premium products and services at competitive costs, Costco offers the option for you to order tires and have them put on your car the day you choose.

Is Costco Offering Tires Installation Right Now

From 2022 onwards, Costco is exclusively installing tires for members. You can install only Costco-bought tires and each tire installation costs around $18.99.

The installation process can take up to 45 minutes when scheduled in advance with the Costco Tire Centre of your choice. Discover further about car reservations, costs, processing times, and other concerns by reading on.

How Long Does It Take to Install Tires At Costco

Costco should be able to install your tires in around 30 to 45 minutes. This all depends on how busy they are.

It will likely take at least 20 minutes per tire, though, if you need to remove your old tires from the vehicle and replace them with new ones. This happens because each tire needs to be spin-balanced before it can be securely reattached to the car.

You can go ahead and shop while you wait, which is a benefit of doing this at Costco. This multitasking lets you combine several errands into one with this method so that you don’t only waste time while waiting.

How Much Time Will My Tires Take To Arrive

It usually takes 45 minutes to install a set of tires. The backstory tells us that Costco will ship tires to a customer’s specified warehouse in 5 to 10 days. It normally takes between 10 and 20 business days to deliver to Alaska and Hawaii. As soon as your tires arrive, you’ll receive a phone call or email. 

Why Should You Choose Installing Tires At Costco

We will tell you about the best possible reasons to go to Costco for installing new tires in your car!

1. Experienced Staff

The first thing which matters is that your automobile is in excellent hands because Costco experts are skilled, experienced, and constantly available for assistance.

2. Offered Packages And Services

Buying package offers at Costco is a smart move because you may also save a significant amount of money in this way. For instance, if you purchase your tires from Costco, you will only pay a minimal installation cost and will also receive a lifetime tire maintenance package, which includes everything you’ll require to keep your tires in the greatest condition for the longest period.

3. Options Other Than Tire Installation

You can do almost anything at a Costco center because it deals with so many different services and products.

Be a time manager and combine your routine tasks like tire installations with a variety of other chores you may do at Costco. You will also be delighted to know Costco provides members with exclusive discounts and coupons for a variety of products and services at low costs.

How To Install Tires At Costco

The Costco online booking system requires an account in order to set up an installation appointment. Do not forget that buying tires requires a Costco membership. Follow the guide below to be able to do so:

  1. Enter your license plate number or tire size to find your tires on the Costco website.
  2. You can choose your tires as per your particular driving needs. You must take the terrain and the weather into account while making a decision.
  3. Book an appointment in your favorite tire center using Costco’s online booking system. Every new customer will need to set up an individual login. 
  4. Your chosen warehouse will receive your tires and install them there.

If you are looking for tires that will last the longest for their lifestyle, appointments might also be helpful for you. 

What Is Covered Under Costco Tire Installation Package

The Costco mechanics will take care of the following tire maintenance when they install your tires as a complementary service:

  • Tire Pressure Checking with Nitrogen Inflation 
  • Lifetime Rotation 
  • Mounting and Balancing
  • Tire repairs that last forever
  • Air pressure over a lifetime
  • The Costco Wholesale Road Hazard Warranty
  • Brand-new rubber valve stem

What More Should You Know?

What Are Other Car Services At Costco

You can possibly get the below-mentioned services at Costco. Read them out to find out whether they are available for you!

1. Car Accessories

Since Costco is a giant wholesaler, they deal with almost everything. Purchasing items including bike racks, dashboard cameras, fresh batteries, car covers, audio head units, etc. are also available there.

Depending on the item’s size and weight, you can either order items online or purchase them right away. The considerable period of time you have to return an item under Costco’s return policy ensures that customers are completely satisfied.

There are a tonne of car tweaks and accessories available via Costco that can greatly simplify your life. You can get affordable minimal items like new wiper blades, steering wheel covers, detailing kits, motor oil, a wonderful in-car air freshener, or auto wax.

2. Discount Offers On Tires

You can surely get discount offers on tires at Costco. We do not have any other locations in mind that can even match Costco when you add together all the tire-related perks you can obtain there. To begin with, Costco even sells unique tire varieties that are unavailable elsewhere, such as the Michelin X-Tour.

The pricing of Costco tires is also among the best available in this day and age, even without any additional special discounts or packages.

Regardless, the nicest part about purchasing tires from Costco is that they consistently have tires on sale and provide coupons for additional discounts.

3. Discount Offers On Rental Cars

You can receive specific discounts at several of the most well-known vehicle rental companies in the country if you have a Costco membership.

Costco has a subsidiary called Costco Travel, which is a transport agency that can arrange for you to book lodging, travel arrangements, and even cruises. This explains why they provide this service.

In order to draw maximum customer attraction, Costco’s mission is to try to provide its members with the widest range of products and services. As a result, Costco usually finds a partner who does address the problem at hand.

4. Fuel Availability

Costco allows its members to fill up their automobiles there directly as it sells petrol at a vast number of Costco outlets.

Worth mentioning is that Costco only sells Kirkland Signature Fuel, which is regarded as one of the best fuel blends available in the US. Do your research before you get to a Costco pump if you drive a diesel vehicle because not all Costco stations always have diesel gasoline available.

The most impressive fact is that Costco constantly tries to slightly undercut market rates in order to compete more effectively and get more individuals to join their membership.

5. Insurance Packages

Costco offered insurance packages through its Costco Insurance Agency a few years ago, which served as a one-stop shop for all insurance requirements. But it came out that Costco was reluctant to enter the insurance industry.

As a result, the company discontinued supplying insurance packages. Still, there is some optimism because Costco and Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Company have a special cooperation arrangement that provides Costco customers with yearly discounts.

6. Cars Trading

Car trading is not really available at Costco. Costco does, however, provide its Costco Auto Program package, which grants you access to a broad network of reliable vehicle dealerships where you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and offers.

Costco takes great pride in claiming that customers who purchase new cars through its Costco Auto Program often save $1,000 without even bargaining. 

7. Service And Maintenance Of Cars

When it comes to auto maintenance and repair, Costco does not strive to be the dominant player, but they do provide services where their own members may typically receive discounts of up to 20%.

There are 10–20 Costco locations across the US that also perform auto repair, so you can acquire everything you’ll need from Costco for all your car cleaning and detailing needs.

Do your research in advance to avoid wasting your time, as there are only approximately two dozen of such facilities.

Can Costco Install My Personal Tires

Costco won’t install tires purchased from another retailer. Tires from Costco Wholesale must be bought there or online to be installed. Shopping at Costco requires a membership.

You should also investigate the gas’s quality and availability if you plan to refuel at Costco. Costco also suggests that consumers only buy tires in sizes that the manufacturer of their vehicle has approved. Tires of the wrong size cannot get installed at Costco.

Best Available Places To Buy New Tires Including Costco

Let us have a brief look at the best places which are listed below, where you can get your new tires apart from Costco as well:

1. Costco

Cost of Installation

  • $80 for 4 wheels, $20/tire.
  • Includes tire disposal.
  • TPMS kits at $3/wheel.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Road hazard warranty of five years.
  • Upgraded valve stems.
  • Rotation and balance over a lifetime.
  • Flat repairs
  • Checks for inflation

2. BJ’s

Cost of Installation

  • $80 for 4 wheels, $20/tire.
  • Includes tire disposal.
  • Costs for TPMS kits may vary.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Updated valve stems
  • Long-term rotation and balance
  • Repairing flats.
  • Checks for inflation
  • Road hazard warranty for 3 years

3. Discount Tire

Cost of Installation

  • $84 for 4 wheels, $21/tire.
  • Tire disposal: $2.75/wheel.
  • Includes TPMS kits.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Updated valve stems
  • Lifelong balancing and rotation
  • Flat repairing
  • Checks for inflation and inspection

4. Walmart

Cost of Installation

  • $60 for 4 wheels, $15/tire, and $25 for non-Walmart tires.
  • Tire disposal for $1.50/wheel.
  • Includes TPMS kits.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Updated valve stems.
  • 50-mile lug torque with lifelong rotation and balancing.

Optional services

Road hazard warranty with $10/wheel.

5. Sam’s Club

Cost of Installation

  • $80 for 4 wheels, $20/tire.
  • TPMS kit for $5/wheel.
  • Includes tire disposal.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Resetting the TPMS
  • Rotation and balancing across a lifetime
  • Updated valve stems
  • Repairing flats
  • Road accident warranty for 4 years
  • Three-year assistance with roadside

6. Pep Boys

Cost of Installation

  • $118.40 for 4 wheels, $29.60/tire.
  • Includes tire disposal and TPMS kits.

Available Services And Installation Packages

  • Updated valve stems
  • Balancing along with vehicle examination
  • Warranty for treadwear and mileage
  • Rotation is free with any service
  • Roadside assistance for a year

Optional services

  • Variety of Road hazard warranties as per your tire type
  • Wheel alignment with $100 for 3 months. 

What Things To Watch Out for While Installation Of Tires

Costco tire installation does not take long. However, you must take your car to a professional with the right equipment if you would like to quickly get your tires changed. The time it takes to replace a single tire for someone with years of experience can range from 3 to 5 minutes.

The tightness or condition of the lug nuts also has an impact on how much time it will take to change all four tires on your car. It can take some effort to remove stuck lug nuts since occasionally one or more of them won’t budge. Although mechanics are aware of how to free locked lug nuts, doing so will add some time to the tire-changing process.

Wrap Up

We can say that it’s fortunate that you discovered this page if you were wondering how long Costco tire installation takes.

A professional Costco expert will require about 30 to 45 minutes to change all four of your tires, altogether, without any breaks. It will take at least 20 minutes to work on each tire if you need to do so for all four wheels. The time required will increase significantly if you additionally need to spin balance and mount new tires.

Only tires that were bought in-person or online will be installed by Costco. The total service price for the $18.99 installation fee covers further tire care and warranty. You may quickly and conveniently make an installation appointment using Costco’s online booking platform.

To sum up, Costco is a terrific spot to do all of your tire-related tasks because you can take advantage of a variety of exclusive discounts and packages which are exclusively offered to Costco members.

We hope that now you know how long it takes to get your tires installed at Costco. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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