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Costco Tire Installation Cost and Discounts in 2023!

Tire purchase and installation is a big cause of concern especially if you are someone who can not compromise on the performance of your vehicle. If budget is also kept in mind, Costco tire installation cost and service is something that will not disappoint you!

Costco tire installation is available at $18.99 per tire. It is a reasonable price as compared to other sellers in the market. Moreover, Costco offers additional benefits if you purchase and choose to install the tires at Costco tire center. These perks include free air top-ups, check ups, tire rotation and tire balancing, etc.

The store does not end there! Let’s dig in further to find out more.

What Is Costco Tire Installation Cost

As compared to other sellers, Costco offers competitive prices for tires sale and installation.

  • Costco tire installation cost is $18.99 per tire.
  • For four tires, you have to pay $76.
  • Along with installation, Costco offer Free Lifetime Tire maintenance package with additional perks.

The package allows you to get free tire check ups, free flat repairs and free air top-ups whenever needed. You will also be covered with Costco’s Road Hazard Warranty for 5 years.

How Does Costco Tire Installation Works

As you may know from our previous guide, “how to book a tire appointment at Costco”, the installation is only offered to Costco members. If you happen to be one, below is a simple guide for you to avail Costco tire installation services.

Step 1: Open on your browser and purchase the tires suited for your vehicle. You can also get help from Costco on this matter. Furthermore, the store will ensure you get the right type and the size.
Step 2: Then get the tires delivered to your local Costco store. The store must have a garage.
Step 3: Note the time it will take for the delivery and other important information that they provide on purchase.
Step 4: Then open the portal and make a booking for installation. Pick a date after the scheduled delivery time and provide contact details like phone number.
Step 5: Then reach the Costco tire center on the scheduled date for the installation. The procedure may take up to 45 minutes.

Fitting time for certain vehicles or tires may be longer. Costco tire center can guide you better on this matter.

The tire center will provide you with warranty details of the new tires. They are mostly covered against natural wear and tear but Costco does not promise free installation or replacement in case there is an accident or intentional damage to the tire.


If you are not a Costco member, may be you should consider applying for the membership right now! Costco offers a wide range of discounts on various vehicle accessories to its members. You will even get a sale on grocery items.

Does Costco Install Tires Bought From Other Sellers

Costco does not install tires from other sellers. This is because the store does not take responsibility if the tires turn out to be of inadequate shape or unsuitable for your vehicle.

Costco also does not participate in making recommendations for tire fitting or altering what has been suggested by the manufacturing company. According to safety protocols, this will violate Road Hazard Warranty and Costco does not allow that.

You can consider other tire centers such as Discount Tire that allows installations of tires bought from other stores.


Some sources have shared that Costco now installs tires from other stores if you pay $10 to $15 per tire for the fitting. However, this is not confirm. Costco policy clearly highlights that it will not take the risk of installing non-proven tires on any car no matter what you are willing to pay.

Does Costco Install All Types of Tires

Unfortunately, Costco will only install tires that you buy from the store. They will not install tires from other sellers and also, the store does not work with all types of tires.

For example, if you purchase golf cart or ATV tires from Costco, it will deliver them to you but do not offer installation. Consequently, the store will exclude installation fee and provide the tires at a cheaper rate.

Moreover, you can get some types of UTV tires installed at Costco. You have to convince the team that it is for off-roading purposes only.

Costco does offer trailer tires installation if they are able to match the size and load index of the current tires on your vehicle. Moreover, they will require documentation before fixing the tires.

The documentation mentions the torque that the trailer wheels need to be tightened to. In case it is not available, Costco may not install the tires for you.

Why Should You Buy Tires From Costco

Costco tire installation cost and service is totally worth it if you are a Costco member. It may not be the cheapest option on the list but the added benefits definitely make it worth a try!

  • Costco offers one of the best rates for tire purchases.
  • As the installation is provided to Costco members only, the prices are quite competitive.
  • Also, it offers lifetime tire rotations, tire balancing, check ups, new rubber and valve stems.
  • You will also get Costco Road Hazard Warranty.

However, you need to keep in mind that Costco only installs tires that you purchase from the store. If you bring tires from another seller, even if they are of high-quality and completely reliable, Costco will not help you.

Moreover, Costco may not have the tires you need in stock. If you have to avail of installation from it, you will be required to wait up to 3 or 5 days until the tires are delivered.

Are There Costco Tire Center Alternatives

It is common for drivers to look into Costco alternatives especially those without membership. Luckily, there are some good options that you can explore.

Two of the most prominent Costco tire center alternatives that you can consider are Tire Rack and Discount Tire

Tire Rack is a reliable name. It is a company dedicated solely to manufacture and sale of tires. You can get brand new tires here from up to 30 different brands. Moreover, the staff is well-educated and fully capable of guiding you through the purchase. Furthermore, they will assist you and help choose the most suited tires for your vehicle.

Discount Tire is another leading name in the market. It hosts a wide variety of tire for sales and you can purchase these with discounts. In addition to offering tires with quick shipping time, tire collection here is divided into price groups. This will help you choose according to your budget.

Well, the list does not end there. Here are a few other tire centers that you can consider.

1. BJ’s

Installation Price

  • $20 per tire, $80 for 4 tires, Tire disposal is included, TPMS kit fees are variable

Installation Packages

  • 3 year road hazard warrant

Other Services

  • New valve stems, Flat repairs, Inflation checks, Lifetime tire rotation, Lifetime wheel balancing

2. Discount Tire

Installation Price

  • $21 per tire, $84 for 4 wheels, Tire disposal is for $2.75 per wheel, TPMS kit included

Installation Packages

  • Nil

Other Services

  • New valve stems, Flat repairs, Inflation checks, Lifetime tire rotation, Lifetime wheel balancing

3. NTB

Installation Price

  • $17 per tire, $68 for 4 wheels, Tire disposal is for $3, TPMS kit is for $8 per wheel

Installation Packages

  • Road hazard warranty

Other Services

  • New valve stems, Flat repairs, Inflation checks, Lifetime tire rotation, Lifetime wheel balancing

4. Pep Boys

Installation Price

  • $29.60 per tire, $118.40 for 4 wheels, Tire disposal is included, TPMS kit is included

Installation Packages

  • Road hazard warranty but depends on tire.
  • 1 year road assistance

Other Services

  • New valve stems, Flat repairs, Inflation checks, Lifetime tire rotation, Lifetime, wheel balancing, Treadwear mileage warranty, Vehicle inspection

5. Sam’s Club

Installation Price

  • $20 per tire, $80 for 4 wheels, Tire disposal is included, TPMS kits comes separately. It costs $5 per wheel

Installation Packages

  • 4 year road hazard warranty
  • 3 year roadside assistance

Other Services

  • TPMS reset is included, Lifetime wheel rotation, Lifetime wheel balancing, Flat repairs

6. Walmart

Installation Price

  • $15 per tire, $60 for 4 wheels, Tire disposal is not included. You have to pay $1.50 per wheel, TPMS kits included

Installation Packages

  • Road Hazard Warranty $10 per wheel

Other Services

  • New valve stem, Lifetime wheel rotation, Lifetime wheel balancing, 50 miles lug retorque

Does Costco Take Old Tires For Free

Costco typically throws away the old tires that it takes off from your vehicle. However, this will only happen if you opt for Costco tire installation package. In simpler words, Costco does not take old tires but it will throw them away for you in exchange if $18.99 Costco tire installation.

You can dispose of the old tires yourself by visiting a recycling facility nearby. This may not pay you but if tires are in good condition, second-hand stores may be willing to buy them for a small amount.

What More Should You Know?

How To Get Costco Lifetime Tire Rotation

Costco will provide you with tire rotation services if you pay the additional $18.99 installation fee. However, this is not a lifetime offer. It will be valid as long as you use the tires. Moreover, Costco does not recommend getting tire rotations more than the recommended limit i.e. 5000 – 8000 miles.

How To Get Costco Lifetime Tire Balancing

All good drivers never compromise on tire balancing. They get it checked regularly. Therefore, Costco is an ideal choice because it offers tire balancing if you pay $18.99 per tire installation fee. However, keep in mind that you must go for tire balancing and tire rotation collectively as both are importance for health of your vehicle.

Can You Get Tire Air For Free at Costco

Costco inflates tires for free if you have signed up for $18.99 per tire installation package. This is quite economical! Moreover, another advantage of getting air at Costco is that it uses nitrogen instead of compressed air which retains a better pressure for longer period of time.

Can You Get Free Rubber and Valve Stems At Costco

Yes, you can get free rubber and valve stem at Costco if you have chosen the Costco Lifetime Tire Maintenance Package. It was charge you $18.99 per tire installation fee but does not include any TPMS systems. You can purchase these systems separately.

However, keep in mind that this is not a recurrent package. You can only use one per set of new tires. Therefore, the limit is four/five stems at a time.

Wrap Up

Costco offers tire purchase to its members only. They can then opt for tire installation. the fee is set at $18.99 per tire. This is reasonable as compared to other sellers in the market.

What sets Costco apart is that it offers additional benefits along with affordable tire installation. For example, you can get free tire check ups, rotations and balancing. Although you will come across a long list of Costco tire center alternatives discussed above, hardly any other store offers the benefits that Costco has in stock.

So what do you think about Costco tire installation cost? Do you have any other favorite store that you would like to share? Don’t forget to comment in the section below!

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