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Costco Tire Warranty – How Replacement Policy Works?

All of us often have to buy tires as they are a replaceable item. We must ensure that we are getting the best and that we are covered in case something goes wrong. So, where Costco is so keen to offer tire alignment, affordable wheel installation, and free air for the tires just by letting you book appointment online at Costco, it has an extensive Costco tire warranty policy as well to secure your purchase!

The tires that the company sells come with a 5-year warranty from Costco. This warranty applies to performance, light truck, and passenger tires. It offers a warranty to protect the clients from tire failure and deterioration of tread. Therefore, as part of routine car maintenance, they will fix or swap out defective tires.

Read on to learn more regarding the Costco Tires Warranty. Such as its features, coverage details, price, and other important details.

What Is Costco Tire Warranty 

You are fully covered by the Costco Road Hazard Warranty when you become a Costco member. It applied when you purchase tires from them. This five-year warranty covers a variety of tread damage as well as tire failure, cuts, fixable punctures, and impact damage.

As a result, if you do experience any of these issues with your new Costco tires, you should bring your car to a Costco facility where the technicians will either repair the tire, if it is possible, or replace it entirely.

You should read this article to learn more about the specific terms and conditions that do apply.

How Can I Get Eligible For Costco Tire Warranty

You must adhere to a number of conditions and demands in order to receive the full benefits of the Costco Road Hazard warranty. If you want to fully benefit from this warranty coverage, doing so is necessary for you:

  • The first purchaser of the tires must be you.
  • Costco is the only place to buy your tires.
  • Costco membership is mandatory.
  • An adjustment form for Costco Wholesale tires needs to be signed.
  • You must have the original tire receipt.
  • The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed when it comes to air pressure.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should maintain your tires.
  • It is important to keep up with the mechanical aspects of your car.

How Can I Check The Warranty On My Costco Tires

You only need to get in touch with their customer support team to find out the current state of your Costco tires warranty. Let’s say your Costco warranty isn’t working properly.

In that circumstance, all members can access concierge services. This is a free technical assistance service offered to everyone who has bought devices or appliances.

Although some of the repairs can be free, they also provide extended warranties that span additional time frames. Visit their website at Or, give them a call at 1-866-861-0450. Mention the product model number along with your receipt if you want to use concierge services. With regards to your warranty, they would be able to assist you with any queries or worries you may have.

One thing to bear in mind when utilizing a Costco guarantee is that not everything is covered. Your product needs to have been bought at a Costco store within 90 days of the date of purchase.

Furthermore, Costco’s warranties do not cover products used for commercial purposes; rather, they only cover goods that were created for consumer usage in mind.

Costco offers different types of warranties depending on the product type. This is another crucial consideration when deciding what kind of warranty you require. Normally, they provide a 5-year limited warranty that pays for both the materials and labor.

What Is Included In The Costco Tire Warranty

Costco only covers a few specific sorts of failures and damages. This warranty covers three basic categories of damage including cuts, non-repairable punctures, and impact damage.

Additionally, take into account that the Costco Road Hazard warranty exclusively covers light truck, performance, and passenger vehicle tires purchased only from Costco.

All Costco Wholesale passenger, performance, and light truck tires come with a 5-year Road Hazard Warranty. All tires sold by Costco Wholesale come with a five-year road hazard warranty. It guards customers against tread wear damage and tire failure.

Costco will void it even sooner if your tires’ tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch. Tire damage will be fixed or replaced under the same warranty programme because it is standard legal vehicle operation.

You can bring your tires back to Costco and the company would replace them at no additional cost if you suffer any issues with them during the warranty term.

Every 7,500 miles, they also provide a tire rotation service to guarantee uniform wear and increase tire life. If we are talking about affordability and quality, Costco is a great choice for all of your tire needs.

What Benefits Come with a Costco Tire Warranty

Although Costco claims to be willing to replace or repair your tires if they sustain damage that falls under the scope of the Costco warranty, this is not really the case.

Costco will initially try to fix the tire in line with USTMA (United States Tire Manufacturers Association), which effectively involves a two-piece tire repair.

Try to get a free replacement tire if your tires have some manufacturing flaws, even if it entails contacting the tire manufacturer directly and utilizing their guarantee.

Due to increased automation and fault-free manufacturing techniques, tire manufacturing flaws are not as frequent as they formerly were. As a result, you should have little trouble getting paid.

If your tires can no longer be repaired, Costco will offer replacement tires in the form of spendable credit that may be used to either gain a discount on a new set of tires through Costco or, in rare cases, acquire them for nothing.

It is  also important to note that other warranties offered by tire manufacturers are not overlooked by this warranty, so be sure to take those into account as well.

What Is Not Included In The Costco Tire Warranty

The Costco tire warranty excludes damage brought on by potential road hazards. This covers items like potholes, glass, nails, and other material that can harm your tires. Flat tire replacement or free repair are also not available at Costco.

  • The warranty does not apply to tires that have been used frequently and become worn down. Since tires normally last for 50,000 miles, if yours are beginning to show signs of wear, they could not be covered.
  • The cost of the replacement would not be covered by warranty if you need to replace your tires as a result of a recall.
  • Tires are not eligible for the usual 90-day return period if you purchase new tires from Costco and subsequently wish to return them. So, even if the tires are unused, you cannot return them after 90 days.
  • The cost of labor would not be covered by the warranty if your tires are skillfully installed elsewhere than Costco.
  • The warranty does not really apply to trailers, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles, or other types of vehicles.
  • The tire warranty does not apply to people who reside outside of the US. Only US and Canadian customers are eligible for Costco’s tire warranties.
  • Other than that, Costco would cover any damages if you use your tires for racing or significant off-roading because you are effectively nullifying the warranty. Many individuals are also unaware that Costco would not pay for any damages brought on by snow chains or even studs. Studded tires are available at Costco, but they are not covered by this warranty.

Costco would pay for any vandalism-related tire damage because it can be challenging to demonstrate. The Costco Road Hazard Warranty excludes from coverage any harm brought on by an accident or by the usage of tires for commercial purposes.

What More Should You Know?

Are Costco Tire Warranties Available Without Membership

Unfortunately, no! This is due to the fact that if you are not a member, Costco does not even allow you to purchase tires.

Costco does occasionally allow non-members to make specific purchases through its online stores, however these transactions are subject to additional rules and restrictions. In either case, it is quite doubtful that Costco will provide any coverage if they are not required to.

It is rather easy to understand why. You would not need to be a Costco member to take advantage of all the perks if they were to insure a non-member, of course.

Costco will never permit such a thing since it is not in their best advantage to do so given that their primary objective is to gain as many as possible members.

Do I Need To Purchase Tires From Costco To Benefit From Costco Tire Warranty

There is no mystery as to why this issue is rather self-explanatory. Some consumers mistakenly believe that since they are Costco members, Costco will pay tire damage, but this is untrue.

There is no logical reason why Costco would ever reimburse items purchased elsewhere. The next time you are in the market for a brand-new set, be sure to keep this in mind because Costco mostly sells tires at a steep discount, but only to members.

Would I Need A Receipt To Use The Costco Tire Warranty

Yes, absolutely.  It is not negotiable to submit an original Costco tire purchase receipt.

For the sole purpose of proving that your tires were purchased from Costco, a paper receipt represents the only acceptable form of identification. Costco would not precisely recall you or keep much information about your transaction given that they sell tens of thousands of tires every day.

Is It Necessary To Buy Original Tires To Be Eligible For Costco Tire Warranty

Costco makes it clear that they would not provide coverage on tires that were not bought by you directly. In other words, even if you sell your car, only you will be able to benefit from this warranty.

Therefore, if you buy a car from a person who purchased the tires from Costco, make sure to ask if they are prepared to contact Costco about any potential tire accidents in the future.

How Would The Costco Tire Warranty Impact My Tire Air Pressure

Tire care has a significant impact on warranty coverage. The performance, comfort, and most notably, safety of your tires will all suffer if you do not maintain adequate tire inflation at all times.

Therefore, if the damage to your tires might have been easily brought on by insufficient air pressure, Costco will not pay for those damages.

Do I Need To Take Care Of My Tires To Avail The Costco Tire Warranty

You are supposed to be protected by a warranty from any flaws brought on by Costco. This includes Costco staff, the tire supplier, as well as the tire manufacturer.

Therefore, if you want to take use of your warranty, you must ensure that you are not connected to any potential flaws your tire might have. As a result, you must keep your tires in good condition.

Do I Need To Maintain Up With My Car To Get The Costco Tire Warranty

To benefit from the Costco Road Hazard warranty, you do not need to perform every single auto maintenance task. However, you do need to keep up with the maintenance of some mechanical parts.

Your suspension system and, in particular, your alignment, are examples of such components. This is due to the fact that uneven inner tire wear from faulty alignment can eventually result in a wide range of tire faults.

Wrap Up

The term “Costco Road Hazard Guarantee” is often used to refer to a tire warranty from Costco. This warranty programme covers a range of tire failures and damages. It does so by either fixing them or providing you credit towards the purchase of new tires. 

There are no additional costs associated with this respectable bundle! Therefore, this package is immediately available to everyone who purchases tires from Costco. It is a good idea to go over all the conditions and terms that are included with these kinds of packages.

We hope that now you have made yourself familiar with the Costco tire warranty policy. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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