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Does Costco Do Tire Alignment? Here’s What The Store Offers!

Wheel alignment is an important process because it aids in helping your car drive straight and in the prevention of uneven wear and tear of your tires. So if you want to pamper your car a little, you may be wondering does costco do tire alignment? When should you get your tires aligned? and much more.

Costco does not do tire alignment services as there are only maintenance related services available at Costco. They do not aim to mess with car mechanics because these procedures have a lot of delicate risk involved and Costco does not have interest in doing that. 

You surely want to read this article below if you want to know whether you can get your car tires aligned at Costco or not. We will walk you through all the tire alignment do’s and don’ts here!

Does Costco Offer to do Tire Alignment For Members

No, Costco does not offer tire alignment services mainly due to economical reasons, at least not for Costco members. Profit margin of Costco is made up from membership fees and revenues from other goods and both are primarily related to the general operating philosophy throughout its operations.

There is a fair chance that you will never see Costco technicians doing wheel alignment because it is against their entire business model. Following are some of  the constraints Costco faces to do tire alignment:

  • Costco cannot perform tire alignment  due to financial barriers.
  • Equipment for wheel alignment is expensive and hard to maintain.
  • It takes experienced technicians to align the tires.

Why Can’t You Get Tire Alignment At Costco 

The major factor behind Costco not doing the tire alignment involves the nature of business Costco does along with the cost involved in tire alignment.

One of the major reasons is that Costco offers maintenance related services rather than car mechanics where they have no interest in taking part because it is more riskier and delicate to handle and manage. 

Tire alignment also requires advanced training of employees, updated heavy mechanics, high maintenance costs, and many other unforeseen expenditures including injuries or repairs during work.

You can get relaxed because you can get your tires aligned in various locations, many of which have a reputation as great as Costco.

What Other Places Offer Tire Alignment 

Despite the fact that Costco does not offer tire alignment services, there are other reliable maintenance and repair businesses available to do so. Make sure to consider including these when you go for the tire alignment next time.

1. Walmart

Walmart has tire alignment services available at some of its facilities.The standard rate is 75$ for the tire alignment at Walmart.

This price range varies depending upon the type of car you own along with the location of the store. Walmart does not provide any kind of warranty services. 

2. Pep Boys

There is a wide range of automotive services available with many locations all over  the U.S

You have to pay 85$ at Pep Boys to get your tires aligned which is a very reasonable price.Pep Boys offers a 3-month warranty.

3. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Firestone Complete Auto holds a prominent market share in the Automotive industry. A wide range of services including the tire alignment is available 

The standard rate of tire alignment is 80$ if you go to Firestone Complete Auto Care. There is a one year warranty available. 

4. Sears

Sears is one of the earliest and most trusted brands in the world of automotive industry. A wide range of services including the tire alignment is offered at Sears. 

You have to pay 85$ to get your tires aligned at Sears. There is a warranty available which is valid for 6-months.

5. Goodyear

Good year is a popular brand name when you talk about the tire industry. There is a wide range of automobile services offered which includes tire alignment as well. 

You have to pay 100$ to get your tires aligned at the Good year. A 6-month warranty is available at Good year. 

Should You Get Wheel Alignment Frequently 

We would suggest you reach out to the car manual and look for the related information yourself. If you are unable to do so or haven’t access to the owner’s manual, there is no reason to worry!

Contact the dealership to get the required information. Most of the mechanics will suggest you to align your tires after every two to three years.

But it is not always necessary, you yourself should be able to inspect the tire misalignment and go for the tire alignment when needed.

What Are the Signs That You Need Wheel Alignment 

Below we have listed some signs that will appear when there is a need to get your tires aligned.

Tires Start Squealing: If you hear some kind of squealing from your ties, it is probably the indication that the tires need to be aligned. Squealing generally occurs when there is not enough grip of the tires on the road.

Tire Wear Is Uneven: You should inspect your tires if there is uneven tire wear on them. It would be a good indicator of misaligned tires.

Steering Makes Noise: The steering of a car is always quiet and smooth to use. So if you are driving your car or making a turn,  you notice that it has started making noise, take it as a sign that your tires need alignment.

Car Pulls To One Side: Another sign which indicates the need for tire alignment is that your car starts to pull to one side or the other side. 

What More Should You Know?

What Is The Expenditure For Offering Tire Alignment Services 

Machines for tire alignment are pretty expensive due to delicate machinery which demands extra care and attention. You cannot align the tires just with an anvil and a hammer!

There is a requirement of some technicians for operating all these bulky machines for the best possible outcome.

These machines are designed in a way that they can camber, measure the toe, ride height, and assess other parameters which play a part in deciding the angle at which the tire meets on the road.

Keep in mind that this can go heavy on your pocket to buy and can cost you even more for maintaining these machines in a reliable condition. So, Costco is not really a place you can say a mechanical workshop. It is just a wholesaler which primarily has passed down savings and does bulk buys.

What Does Wheel Alignment Costs 

How much alignment does your tire require depends upon what kind it needs. There is a possibility it will not cost you more than $80 if you just do a front-end alignment.

While the expense of an all-four/thrust alignment may reach $250. The price range can vary  between being lower and higher because  the labor work varies depending on the type of car.

Can Only Experts Do Proper Wheel Alignment 

There is a famous saying that why hire someone to do something if you are  capable of doing it yourself? This makes sense in terms of the majority of services offered at Costco because changing a battery, a pair of windscreens, or rotating your tires is not a rocket science and does not need any specialized equipment.

Meanwhile, tire alignment is completely different from that since it demands for expertise, experience, accuracy, and specialized gear.

All of this simply means that before Costco’s technical staff starts using tire alignment equipment professionally, they must have professional training in the matter of the subject.

Costco would need to either spend money on third-party maintenance or invest in employee training instead, because it has already been reported that maintaining these machines is much more expensive. It costs a fortune  in both cases.

Wrap Up

Costco does not provide tire alignment services. Tire alignment is not something that Costco is known for a number of reasons. The major reasons are connected to price and the way Costco typically does business. Tire alignment, in the first place, demands large machinery, professional technical training, expensive maintenance charges, and a lot of other unforeseen  costs such as  repairs or workplace accidents.

Along with that, Costco is just interested in offering services that are linked to maintenance. They are not basically interested in invading delicate car mechanics because that carries a lot more risk than anticipated. 

We hope that now you are familiar that Costco does not offer tire alignment along with other related  information that you should know. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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