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How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Cost and Where To Buy?

A monster truck is an amazing sight to see particularly when it pertains to the power and size of its tires. In general, the tires for monster trucks are more expensive than those for regular cars and trucks. So, how much do monster truck tires cost?

Since the size of monster truck tires is substantially larger, it follows that producing them requires a much greater amount of rubber and other materials. A tire can cost anywhere between $1,500 and more than $3,000, with premium brands costing significantly more. The price of a tire varies based on the exact product.

All the information you require on how much they would cost you may be found in this article. It is challenging to obtain monster truck tires because they are so large and require such significant cash input.

Are Monster Truck Tires Costly 

High-quality rubber that can resist the demands of off-road driving conditions is commonly used to make monster truck tires. As a result, the manufacturer, tire size, and tire design would all affect how much a monster truck tire costs.

Depending on the manufacturer, monster truck tires could cost as little as $1500 or as much as $3,000 each. The more expensive tires usually have superior tread designs. These offer better traction on a wider variety of surfaces than the less expensive tires, as well as being made of more durable materials. In addition, building them is really difficult because they are very big.

Tires for monster trucks cost far more than those for regular cars. Given that they typically weigh 10,000 pounds, monster truck tires must be more durable and reliable.

A monster truck’s tires are an essential part of the vehicle. They must always be in perfect condition in order to prevent serious damage to the truck. Before making a purchasing choice, it is necessary to get a quote from an expert. The price of new tires vary according to the size and kind of tire.

Why Do Monster Truck Tires Cost So Much

The most expensive set of tires on the market are for monster truck usage. The rubber used in their construction is of the highest quality and can endure a lot of pressure. You will never experience shaky car after getting new tires or other issues with their installation.

These tires are expensive for a number of reasons, but their exceptional quality is the main one. Monster truck tires need to be able to withstand the strain of protracted, difficult races and high pressure without any significant issues or low reliability. Based on their size and tread pattern, you can pay as low as $1500 or as much as $3,000.

They are made to withstand the rough terrain and jagged objects that monster trucks frequently come into contact with during daily operations.

Another factor for the lack of these tires is that monster truck racing is becoming incredibly popular. High-quality products are more challenging to find since they are not mass produced in the similar way that conventional tires are.

Finding suppliers of replacement tires with expertise in this specific tire type is similarly challenging. When an order is received, it must be fulfilled before the company can move onto the following order in line because only a select few companies are able to manufacture these types of tires.

Since they were designed for rocky terrain, monster truck tires are usually able to withstand the kinds of off-road conditions which would damage tires on a regular car.

Though they are far more expensive than the typical passenger car tires, these durable tires come at a price. The best choice is to go to a nearby monster truck expo if you are interested in witnessing these tires in action.

How Much Do Monster Truck Tires Cost 

Tires are the last significant cost associated with owning a monster truck. Monster truck tires must meet Monster Jam specifications and measure 43 inches wide and 66 inches high. Because of their size, all monster truck tires must be hand-cut, which can take 50 hours to complete one tire. The cost of a whole set of four tires ranges from $4, 000 to $12, 000, with the average monster truck tire costing between $2,000 and $6,000.

Where Can You Get Monster Truck Tires From 

BKT: All of the Monster Jam trucks have had BKT tires since 2014. Most supporters criticized the choice since the tires’ lighter weight, smoother cut, and thinner surface made it simple for cars to blow their tires.

BKT strengthened and revised its tires to address the challenges even though it had never produced tires for monster trucks. Despite the advancements, misleading rumors about tire durability and a decrease in car collisions continue to circulate.

Firestone: Firestone is a well-known name in monster truck tires. It features a thicker cut for better grip. This brand has been utilized on most trucks outside of Monster Jam from the beginning. Firestone has been a long standing supporter of Bigfoot, leading to the production of the Firestone Bigfoot monster truck.

Ukraine: The monster truck tire brand Ukraine Tires is well-known. Prior to BKT, this tire was used by the majority of Monster Jam trucks. The smaller cuts and sharper corners of Ukraine Tires’ make them tougher and more resilient.

Goodyear: Monster truck tires are another area of innovation for Goodyear. It was loved in the early years of monster trucks and had a significant impact on many others.

What More Should You Know?

What To Know About Monster Truck Tires 

The tires used on Monster Trucks are known as flotation tires because they were first designed to allow the agricultural machinery that uses them to float a little bit over muddy, wet fields instead of sinking into mud and getting stuck.

When multiplied by four, tires make up around one-third of the normal 10,000-lb weight of the car. The weight of one tire only, without the rim, may be from 800-900 lbs. A team may use up to eight sets of tires in a single season. Price per set of tires can range from $250 to $7500.

Regardless of their size and durability, the trucks’ tires bend quite a bit due to the weight of the cars on them.

Usually, this only usually takes for a split second, but in rare cases, the tires may bend to the degree where the wheels’ rims come into contact with the ground. In an effort to combat this, some drivers over inflate their tires. On the other hand, this raises the risk of tire blowouts.

What Is Tread Pattern At Monster Truck Tires 

One of the most distinctive features of the tire design is the tread pattern used on monster truck tires. Agricultural tires, in contrast to monster truck tires, have a standard tread pattern.

This is made up of deep, acute V-shaped or alternate stripes, depending on the manufacturer. They are intended to provide traction in mud or loose dirt without being obstructed by earth.

The team modifies this tread to fit on monster trucks, usually by cutting a section of the rubber out.

On the other hand, different tire treads have differing levels of performance. Tire cutting is done for reasons other than just aesthetics. In addition, tire cutting is done to meet the driving style of the driver and the conditions within which the car would be used. 

The most common adjustments are a reduction in total tread depth, which helps to lighten the tire and increase flexibility, and a rounding of the tread edge along the sidewall, which makes it easier for drivers to raise the truck after it has landed on the tire’s edge following a jump. It takes roughly 50 hours of non-stop labor to cut each tire.

Do Monster Truck Tires Weigh Much

Every discussion about monster trucks starts with the tires, or more specifically, the gigantic tires.

The 43-inch wide by 66-inch tall tires that are used on approved monster trucks are a standard feature. They are a low-pressure vehicle that runs on 8 to 10 pounds of pressure and weighs 800 to 900 pounds.

Wrap Up

The price of a tire may vary depending on the specific item, but a four-tire set tire should cost between $1,500 and $3,000 at the very least.

The large treads on monster truck tires are designed to provide traction on a range of surfaces, like mud and sand. Rally racing is one example of an off-road racing competition that uses these tires. These races are held on dirt tracks with steep inclines and high speeds.

We hope that now you have grasped all about monster truck tires and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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