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How Much Does An Oil Change Cost At Mavis In 2023?

Suddenly remembered that your vehicle needs an oil change but you don’t know where to go? Mavis Discount Tire services provides excellent results when it comes to getting an oil change. However before making your way there, you need to know how much does an oil change cost at Mavis?

Mavis provides deals exclusively to new customers. The usual cost for its conventional oil is around $19.95 whereas its synthetic oil can be around $29.95. Mavis also provides services such as oil filter change so that your oil doesn’t become stale.

To find out more about Mavis and its services, continue reading the article below. You will learn the prices and benefits of synthetic and conventional oil as well as their differences!

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost At Mavis

The cost of an oil change at Mavis depends on various factors. It depends on the quality and brand of your vehicle and how much time has been for you to change your oil. It also includes your location since terrain and temperatures affect your fuel economy differently.

  • The usual cost of a conventional oil change at Mavis costs around $19.95.
  • The synthetic oil costs around $29.95.

Mavis tends to be less expensive during the summer seasons. However due to demands, their oil-changing service can be a bit more expensive.

These costs will allow you to decide what the correct type of oil is for your needs in order to regulate your vehicle. The service at Mavis will also help you in carrying out tasks such as an oil filter replacement.

Why Should You Choose To Get Oil Change At Mavis

Many people who are seeking an oil change are interested in Mavis because of how they work. It continuously adheres to the automobile’s manufacturer’s conditions to make sure that all tasks are correctly carried out. Moreover, it will accumulate any oil that’s old and leaking out of the vehicle. Later on, the oil is processed for use.

This indicates that Mavis will use oil that has been recycled to fill the vehicle. In fact, many people will not see drastic differences since recycled oil and standard fresh oil are similar. It will also take precisely the same amount of time to endure.

Moreover, oil that has been recycled by Mavis is actually appreciated since it is much more environmentally friendly. You can participate in a greener future by choosing recycled oil. Keep in mind that he process of producing oil is harmful to the environment.

According to the Mavis oil change process, it is guaranteed that all motor oil that has been utilized before is recovered and reprocessed carefully and responsibly.

They will also change your filter and replace the oil in agreement with the manufacturer’s approval. Additionally, a free safety examination is included to make sure there are no engine leaks.

How To Book an Oil Change At Mavis

If you wish to book Mavis for an oil change at Mavis, you can find their appointment hours and additional information on their website,

Step 1: As you browse their website, you will be able to find a page that directs you to their local discount branch for tires. Once you have located the discount that you prefer, you can make an appointment.

Step 2: Remember to choose the timings carefully since you do not want to be busy during an oil change.

The simplicity of the process is undeniable. Each time slot that you wish to choose from will last about an hour long. Keep in mind that Mavis is popular so most of these time slots are occupied.

This means that you will have to make your appointment earlier than later. It is best to occupy a time slot one week before your actual date of going to Mavis.

As you go through the website, you will be able to locate several discount coupons that could help you save money on your oil change. However, these offers are available to first time customers who are using Mavis oil-changing services for the first time.

How To Choose The Proper Oil Type For Your Vehicle

It is important to reflect on whether an engine should make use of synthetic or conventional oil.

Thin oil that can penetrate tiny gaps are preferred due to their exceedingly tight liberality between moving parts. Oil with 0W-20 or 0W-16 is mostly favored by users. This kind of grade can only be achieved by using synthetic oil in a laboratory setting.

Synthetic oil which is similar to the market-leading Mobil 1 has a number of benefits over conventional oil. They also have the capacity to be manufactured with extremely low viscosity.

Even though it is highly crucial to maintain the synthetic oil that is added within the engine, we need to think about engines that run on standard oil.

You can always switch and use synthetic oil whenever you want. You can also use regular oil if it pleases you but the engine will definitely benefit from synthetic oil more.

Which Oil Filter Should You Use

The engine oil may be one-of-kind but the oil filter that cleanses it is also unique. The oil filters are typically identified as two types which are canisters or cartridges.

A canister is an engine flange-attached container that is relatively small as the size of a soup can.

According to local guidelines, the filter needs to be taken out and thrown away whenever the oil is changed. A new filter can be put in its place. Between oil changes, the oil filter eliminates toxins from the oil.

When there are hundreds of options and only one size is able to fit in the engine, selecting the appropriate filter can be challenging and that information is not even mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Cartridge filters are currently being reintroduced by manufacturers. Reusable engine 7 housing is required for a cartridge filter to function properly. Since only the filter material within the housing is being changed, it is good for the environment.

What Indicates That You Should Replace Your Oil

You can always bring your car to Mavis Discount Tire to see if one of their skilled service technicians can help you in this regards. There are many indications to show that an oil change is due. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • You will be able to see the dashboard panel’s light. It will say that it’s on Low Oil light and will continue to flash.
  • When the engine is operating, the Check Engine light will start to flash.
  • If oil spots can be seen under parked car then this indicates an impending oil leak.
  • Another symptom can be if a person has taken more than three months to change their oil change. The owner’s manual will state that a vehicle has stretched a certain mileage level.
  • You may smell burning oil rising from your engine or see white smoke coming from its hood.
  • An oil leak may exist if the dipstick in your vehicle’s engine displays a lower value than the mandatory level. This is particularly when the vehicle is parked.

What Effect Does Oil Change Have on the Car

Lubrication is important for your vehicle’s interior parts in order to function properly. The oil travels through the narrow channels of the engine and creates a cooling effect.

The oil becomes stale over the course of time due to different reasons such as heat, sludge, debris and moisture. This tends to fasten the process of deterioration within the engine.

Therefore, a regular oil change is important for the efficient performance and lengthy lifespan of your vehicle. It is not very expensive but it is easy to replace.

If you cannot perform this on your own then it is suggested that you should visit a garage for help. Having a regular oil change saves your vehicle from corrosion which will eventually help you save money in the long run.

Remember if you do not change your oil on time, your vehicle might collapse entirely. This situation can be very costly to rectify.

How Long Does It Take To Get Oil Change

Most of the time, it can take around 30-40 minutes to get an oil change at Mavis or any oil changing service. Although, you must remember that Mavis is extremely popular therefore there will be days where Mavis is fully booked.

Despite booking early, you would have to wait an hour for your turn. That is why it is best to book a week earlier and choose the right time slot. Mavis will provide details of how long your oil change will be conducted. This will be determined according to how long it has been since your last oil-change.

If you have to wait for an hour, you can lounge in one of their waiting rooms. These rooms are available in all of their centers and they are meant for you to relax while your oil changes are carried out.

This is due to the fact that Mavis stores are usually located in isolated places. You won’t be able to go anywhere for leisure so it’s best to stay there.  

What Things To Keep In Mind When Changing Oil For Your Vehicle

There are a few things to keep in mind when changing oil for your vehicle.

Firstly, the engine of your car will perform better in general if one uses the right motor oil. On the other hand, using the wrong oil can be detrimental.

Secondly, if you leave the oil running for too long then the oil will deteriorate over time. The engine may also break down if the old oil is not changed or replaced with new oil.

This also includes the timing of when to change the oil. If your oil remains unchanged for a long period of time then your engine will start experiencing corrosion.

Choose a suitable kind of oil for your vehicle and be aware of which oil filters should be utilized. In addition, learn how it affects the vehicle if the oil has not been changed.

Is It Important To Have Oil Change Regularly

It is extremely important to have your oil changed regularly. An oil change allows your car to function effortlessly and provides you with a smooth driving experience. It reduces excessive debris that can be created within your engine.

Keeping stale oil or no oil at all in your vehicle will remove protection barrier. The moving parts of the vehicle will start to rub especially during the jolt of a cold engine.

This will cause an increase in inner tire wear and within your engine. Furthermore, the oil begins to become stale since the engine isn’t warm enough.

Particles of sludge can cause the oil passages to block especially when the engine oil extracts are less. These particles of sludge will make their way to restrict lubrication which can damage the engine further. A collapsed engine will only mean that your car will halt in the middle of the road.

What Other Services Does Mavis Offer

Mavis provides spare parts for any vehicle according to the size and recommendation. Apart from oil change, Mavis does offer a range of services and repair check-ups. This includes the following.

  • Tire rotation
  • Tire balancing
  • Wheel alignment
  • General changes in tire
  • Check-ups on braking and small repairs
  • Suspension check-ups
  • Oil checks and minor replacements
  • Battery checks and other replacements
  • Steering assemblage
  • Hub check-ups and other replacements
  • Exhaust check-ups and other replacements

In some states, Mavis also allows its facilities for vehicle safety and emission trials. If you find yourself in any confusion when it comes to Mavis and its services, you can make an appointment with them and fill out a form of questions.

Make sure that you express your concerns as to what issues your vehicle is facing. Their professionals will help you acknowledge the issue and will guide you if they have the knowledge to tackle it.

Wrap Up

Mavis tire service provides excellent oil change and other services as well. It is reasonable in pricing. However, it is usually overbooked so you should make an appointment earlier than later. In addition, Mavis has many deals and discounts that are available on their website if you wish to save on money.

Apart from Mavis, an oil change can be conducted in any garage near you. It is necessary since a regular oil change will prevent your vehicle from developing corrosion and other debris like sludge.

Please share what your favorite part of the article was? We hoped that you found this information valuable. If you have any questions or inquiries, you may comment on the comment section below!

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