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How To Book A Tire Appointment At Walmart For Changing Wheels?

Walmart, one of the biggest American retail stores, intends to become your one-stop store for all your tire needs. However, they did not make it very simple to grasp how to schedule your tire appointment. So, how to book a tire appointment at Walmart? Let’s find out!

You may schedule an appointment to get your tires changed at the Walmart Auto Center using one of three basic methods.You can call your Local Walmart Auto Center or use the mobile app if you’re a tech-savvy chap. If none of these work, you can still schedule an appointment with the service staff by going to your nearby Walmart Auto Center.

Making a reservation at the Walmart Auto Center is a little tricky. To prevent problems, we would like to concentrate in this article on how to do so using simple, straightforward directions.

How Can You Book a Tire Appointment at Walmart 

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to mention the services you require so that you can take better care of all the booking requirements in advance. This is the same whether you get an appointment here or book a tire appointment at Costco, etc.

There are three ways you can schedule a tire appointment at Walmart. Scheduling an appointment can be done over the phone by calling your nearest Walmart Auto Center, or it can be done directly using the Walmart mobile app.

You can also simply go in person to your nearby Walmart Auto Center to make an appointment if you are more of an old school type of person. The following are the methods of booking a tire appointment at Walmart described briefly as:

Call Walmart 

Use the Walmart Auto Center finder or a Google search to find the location of the closest Walmart Auto Center. Be sure to input your zip code properly to ensure a smooth search experience connecting you with the closest store.

Make sure you have the Auto Care Facility box selected, then click locate store with the zip code typed. The results would show you the route which is the shortest. You may view the store’s contact information and address by clicking store detail if you are okay with the store’s distance.

You can find the Auto Care Center’s hours at the bottom of the screen, the Auto Care Center’s phone number is located on the side of the screen at your convenience. Simply click the number to call and schedule your appointment.

Book In Person 

You can arrange the appointment in person just by speaking to a Walmart salesperson at the counter if you live close to a Walmart Auto Center, though it might not be as simple as the other available options. List all the services you are looking for, and give a phone number where someone can reach you if something changes in the meanwhile.

Use Walmart Phone App 

You can utilize the Walmart App to book your tire appointment if you are an introvert kinda person and would prefer to avoid making small talk. Those who are on the go or are unable to phone or visit a Walmart store during business hours can benefit from this. The Walmart App includes all the information, so make sure to download it.

Also remember that you would have two choices when you complete your transaction. The second one includes tire installation whereas the first is pickup-only, suggesting it does not. So if you do not want to do this twice, make sure to do it correctly.

What Does Walmart Charge For Booking a Tire Appoitnment

Walmart has different price ranges for different kinds of tire services. We have listed all the offered tire services along with their charges in the list below so that you can have an idea about the Walmart tire services price.

  • TPMS relearn: Free of Cost
  • 50-mile (80-km) re-torque (Parts are not included): Free of Cost
  • Road-Hazard Warranty: $10 each tire 
  • Lifetime Rotation/Balance: $14 each tire
  • Mounting Specialty Tires: $5 each tire
  • Tire Mounting (Carry-in): $10 each tire
  • Flat Tire Repair (Tubeless): $15 per tire
  • Installation of Valve Stem: $3 per tire
  • Lug Nut Replacement: $2 each lug nut
  • Tire Rotation: $2.50 each  tire

What More Should You Know? 

Does Walmart Change Oil

In the US, there are more than 2,500 Walmart stores that provide oil changing services. An oil change appointment can be made using the same procedure as described earlier. The price of an oil change at Walmart can differ according to the kind of oil used. So make sure to check the following list and your owner’s handbook before deciding anything.

  • Synthetic Oil: $52.88 

Special additives in this type of oil improve engine performance while ensuring its constant safety. There may be additional fees for oils without features.

  • High-mileage Motor Oil: $42.88 

This sort of oil will provide you with additional defense against leaks and oil burn offs if your car has more than 75,000 miles (120,700 kilometers) on it. This should extend the engine’s useful life. It is possible to pay more for non-featured oils.

  • Semi-Synthetic Oil:  $42.88 

Although it is more expensive, it provides superior protection to regular oil. There may be additional costs for oils without features.

  • Standard Motor Oil/Conventional: $32.88 

This kind of oil maintains all the performance attributes of your engine while also meeting the basic standards for protection.

What Tire Installation Packages Does Walmart Offer

Basic tire installation package and value tire installation package are the two plans which are offered at Walmart. You can make a choice among two after reading the brief analysis on both of them below:

Basic Tire Installation

This package includes 50-mile lug re-torque, lifetime tire rotation and balance, new valve stems, tire mounting, and TPMS service pack. The advantage of this plan is that it can be used with tires that were purchased elsewhere.

If you purchase your tires from Walmart, you are eligible for Walmart’s entry-level Basic tire installation plan, which has a set cost of $15 per tire. For non-Walmart-sourced tires, you will need to pay an extra $10 on top of the initial $15, making a total of $25 per tire or $100 for four tires.

Value Tire Installation 

This package includes the Road Hazard Protection Warranty in addition to everything you receive with the basic package. This is generally a better option because it protects you for the duration of the tires’ service life.

You cannot purchase the Value tire installation package if you purchased your tires elsewhere. It is only offered to customers who purchased their tires from Walmart. The cost of this deal is $25 per tire, thus a sum of $100 is required to purchase all four tires.

Should You Buy Tires From Walmart 

Walmart is renowned for offering affordable tire prices, which is the reason why so many customers choose it as their preferred store for all of their tire needs. In addition, Walmart opens the outlets as early as they can, and most centers do not shut down until 8:00 pm, which is uncommon. With 2,500 outlets, some of which operate seven days per week, even on holidays, Walmart outperforms nearly all of its competitors in terms of convenience.

Another excellent incentive to think about purchasing your tires from Walmart is the possibility of further financial savings if you plan your purchases to coincide with special sales and coupon offers. This is probably Walmart’s greatest strength since no other tire shops can really beat Walmart in terms of cost, at least not by a substantial margin.

Why Should You Not Buy Tires From Walmart 

Buying tires from Walmart has some downsides as well which can be troublesome for you. That is why you should also look at the cons before deciding to go buy tires at Walmart. 

  • Tire installation packages are not offered by all retailers. 
  • There is not always a road hazards warranty.
  • There may occasionally be crowding. 
  • Specialized and Off-road Tire Choices Are Limited.

What Are Other Tire Centers to Try 

In addition to Walmart, you may get all of your tire services from one of these business competitors. They include Sam’s Club, Discount Tire, Costco, and numerous additional tire retailers that you may find online. In contrast, Walmart often has the lowest costs of all of these locations, especially if you can get discount coupons.

We suppose that everything comes down to accessibility to you and whether you can find tires for a good deal. In terms of convenience, Walmart is again in the lead thanks to the vast array of services it provides and the most flexible business hours.

Costco does provide a nicer installation package over Walmart since it always covers the warranty, but you must be a member of Costco to even take this into account. There really are not too many distinguishing features that set some of these apart from the others, but some of them do include extra perks like free tire disposal, nitrogen tire inflations, and lifelong flat fixes.

Wrap Up 

You may easily book a tire appointment at Walmart by calling, using the Walmart app, or going in person to one of your nearby Walmart Auto Centers.

Moreover, be sure to take into account all of the Walmart alternatives available, as they all often provide exclusive discounts, coupons, and offers on tires and other related tire services. It is wise to think about all the complimentary packages available to you because they would be quite beneficial to your tire maintenance.

We hope that now you have got yourself familiar with booking a tire appointment at Walmart and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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