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How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires | Top 5 Easy + Reliable Ways

What if you reach the parking area to get to your car but you see that the car tire is slashed. What an unwelcoming and frustrating situation! But you should be able to differentiate between a regular puncture and a slashed tire and know how to prove someone slashed your tires to move forward.

In this guide, we will tell you how to prove that by checking for slashed tires in certain ways along with the necessary precautions one should take in this regard. Scroll down! 

Checking For a Slashed Tire 

Before you panic and immediately, we would suggest taking a deep breath and try finding out whether it is the worn-out tire or a slashed one so you can prove if someone slashed your tires. If you do not know how to check for a slashed tire, here are the ways through which you can do it. 

1. Examine The Damage 

If you are fully convinced that you have not made a drive on an off-road trail, over potholes, debris-filled roads, or some curbs, then you surely should go with the notion that there is someone who has actually done it intentionally.

You may be right because it is not easy at all to get a cut in a tread area as it requires a lot of energy due to the thickness of the tire. If tires rub against each other or have inner tire wear, the damage would be different.

The part that can get easily damaged via a Swiss knife or a screwdriver is the thinnest one in the tire called the sidewall. If this incident is the case of vandalism, there would be damage to the sidewalls of the tires.

2. Check Damage Appearance 

We admit that it might get challenging for you to spot a difference between an intentional tire slash as an act of vandalism or a consequential pressure break of some accidental circumstances.

You should also be aware of the fact that most road debris-related scrapes are not linear. So, if the cut on the tire is straight and smooth, it makes it clearer to recognize if someone has used a knife to slice the tire.

There may be many instances where a vandal would be amateur and not professional. He or she may require multiple attempts to make a slash. So, vandalism would get confirmed if you notice any attempt of punching through the tire or some scratches. 

3. Check For Sharp Objects 

Once there was a boy working in his office till late. He went to the parking lot to get his car and reach home. But what he saw was a friend’s car with a knife on it which probably the robber would have left.

He really got alerted and installed a covert camera in his own car as a precaution for himself. Luckily, this kind of incident never happened again to him.

The purpose of telling this story to you is that to err is human. Criminals are humans too and they also can make mistakes. 

You probably have read some crime thriller mysteries or heard many real-life incidents from your colleagues, friends, or drivers about someone slashing their car tire but leaving the cutting object like a knife/needle just around the crime scene in a hurry.

Well, they are very much true. If you stumble upon a sharp object which is the exact same size as your cut-on tire, you are probably the victim of vandalism my friend!

4. Find an Eyewitness

Vandals often damage someone’s cars or property as a reaction to something. If your tires get slashed, the main thing you should do at that time is to find witnesses.

Try asking the nearby people if they saw anything unusual around the crime area in your absence. It would be great if you manage to get a signed witness.

There is a possibility that you would find your car slashed in your driveway. This would feel like a more specific and upsetting incident.

 What you should do in this case is to ask your neighbors if they have noticed someone suspiciously sneaking around or if they have also encountered some kind of slashing on their property.

5. Check For CCTV

Convenience stores and other common commercial properties like gas stations frequently have CCTV footage of their buildings. Since people frequently attempt to steal these things by shoplifting, this is particularly necessary for businesses that offer alcohol or cigarettes.

Asking for a copy of the CCTV video surveillance from a nearby shop or shop is one of the most crucial measures. Identification of the offender may be possible with the help of this video. They might even be caught on camera damaging your tires if the store has exterior cameras.

What More Should You Know?

Finding Person Who Slashed your Tire 

You can check the area around where you parked your car for security cameras or a CCTV. If you can prove that your tire was slashed, then you might get lucky that owner could be ready to offer you surveillance video of the incident.

You can also get a solid proof from a witness to the incident. However, it can be challenging to locate a witness, especially in a busy public area where there is a lot of hustle.

Moreover, you can buy a camera to record the activities that occur in the vicinity where you frequently leave your car. Choosing which camera to install in your car can be difficult because there are so many options available online and in-stores as well.

However. it is now incredibly difficult to remain entirely anonymous when someone slashes your tire due to the advancement of technology. So, if you have already experienced tire slashing, proving subsequent incidents might be quite simple!

Avoiding Tire Slashing on Your Car

To avoid tire slashing of your car’s tires, you must always park the vehicle in a secure location with good lighting. 

If you park in front of your property, be sure it has motion sensor lighting. Installing security cameras in front of your home is also a good idea.

Consider getting a guard dog as an alternative if you don’t already have one. Your guard dog can be in the vicinity of the incident’s most likely location, and you can leave it to carry out its duties for which he has been trained. You can also report the slashing by calling the police.

If your tires have not been slashed intentionally, it is possible that you are using a tire from worst brands that has been damaged easily on road debris. Take a look at our guide to find out more about about which tire brands you should use.

Driving With a Slashed Tire

Whether you can prove if someone slashed your tires or not, it is still important to figure how safe you would be when driving with a damaged tire, right?

In order to prevent accidents, it may be wise to drive slowly, which should not be higher than 20 mph to a safe stopping area rather than to stop on a busy route. This will allow you to travel several yards before you significantly destroy the tire. 

Time Needed For Slashing a Tire 

It could take a whole night or even multiple days to cut a tire with a small, sharp object like a nail or prick. It will take longer for the tire to go flat if the hole is only a few millimetres in diameter and only produces a slow leak.

Usually, a punctured tire quickly starts to lose air pressure. The tire can quickly collapse when cut with a knife, especially if the cut area manages to burst apart. If the tire blows out as a result of the slicing, it can even go flat right away.

Insurance Coverage For Slashed Tires 

If your tires get vandalized once more in the future, don’t worry as you won’t have to pay out of pocket for new tires. But for that to happen, it’s critical to inform your insurance provider if you’ve been the victim of vandalism.

This will not only shield you from future mishaps but could also help pay for the price of new tires. You might need to follow somewhat different procedures since each insurance provider has its own regulations.

Before they grant you a new claim, certain companies may demand that you report the incident to the local police. If you want your case to be processed as quickly as possible, it’s best to review your insurance policy beforehand.

Jail Time For Slashing a Tire

The dilemma of whether or not you can get arrested for slashing someone else’s automobile tire has generated a lot of discussions.

If someone is detained for cutting a tire, they could be given a jail sentence. However, they are more likely to be released and face alternative punishments like a license suspension.

If the offender is found guilty despite having a criminal history, they will spend the ensuing years in prison. One could be taken into custody even without a warrant if they are seen slashing a tire.

Therefore you should reconsider doing anything similar. If you are doing it out of vengeance, try talking it out. Doing this will help you both achieve a better state of mind and peace. 

Wrap Up

It can get on your nerves to find out whether the tire has been actually slashed or not because it is not easy to prove if someone slashed your tires. You may look around in the area where you have parked. Try finding the possible fitting object which could have caused a hole in it. If nothing like that is found, you should also investigate the nature of the cut.

You may also need to find as much proof as you can so that you can go to the police with evidence. Moreover, get in touch with the car insurance provider to report the case.

Just to avoid any of these insecure incidents from happening again, you should think about putting a spy camera in your car.

We hope that all your queries about proving that someone has slashed your tires got cleared. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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