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Walmart Tire Return Policy |How Long Is It Work? Explained

Purchasing new tires can be a pricey task for you.  Going to stores like Walmart can help people save money on tires. One should always be aware of the tire return policy of Walmart or any other company before purchasing tires from there.

You can return the vast majority of things to Walmart within 90 days of purchasing them under their usual return policy. This policy applies to tires bought from Walmart stores or from the Walmart website. Snow tires cannot be exchanged as an exception. 

Go through the article below as we will let you know all about the tire return policy which Walmart offers!

What Does Walmart Tire Return Policy Offers

Let’s explore what Walmart has in store for us if we need tires! You have 90 days to return the tire and receive your money back if you haven’t used it. This prevents you from trying the tire on and fitting it. There are two warranty choices available for you in Walmart’s tires.

Walmart provides lifetime balance tire warranties for an average price of $40 to $56 each set of four tires.

The prices can differ depending on the state you come with, this pricing represents an average. Warranty covers the services of tire rotation and balancing. These two services play a major role in maintaining the condition of your tires.

Walmart also provides a warranty against road hazards. The average cost of the road hazard warranty would be $56, or around $14 per tire. If your tire gets any damage like flat tires, you may get your tire repaired under this warranty.

This should be in your knowledge that Walmart employees have the authority to turn down your request for repair or replacement. Well, you do not have to give up and get a new tire in this case. Instead, you can use an outside service, such as DoNotPay if you run into this problem like this.

Walmart will also replace the tire for free if the tire is irreplaceable. This warranty only covers the tire for the initial 25% of tread wear; but it is not lifelong unlike the lifetime balance tire warranty.

Is Walmart Tire Return Policy Good

Unfortunately Walmart has a very terrible return policy in the world of tires. We can see why if we consider the tire company giving some of the convenient warranties available.

There is a 90 day buy and try policy at Bridgestone which allows you to use the tires for 90 days and if you aren’t satisfied with them, you can easily return them. 

You will find Bridgestone one of the best in terms of returns and warranties unlike Walmart where there is no refund for a used tire. Most of the other tire companies also have a return policy but it has a restriction of only  30 days buy and try policy. 

What More Should You Know?

Should You Buy Tires From Walmart

If you are sure what you want and it is available at Walmart, then there is no doubt that you are gonna save money by making a decision to buy tires from Walmart.  There are many different brands available in stock in a very reasonable price range at Walmart. The available brands include: 

  • Bridgestone
  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Cooper
  • Douglass
  • Michelin
  • Continental

We acknowledge that Walmart has a great deal of tires to offer to you. But you should also be aware of the fact that there are no extended warranties by Walmart itself when buying tires from Walmart.

But an extended warranty is available as an option on buying tires at most of the tire brands.

In addition to the usual road hazard, buy-and-try, and service warranties in a few cases, tire manufacturing companies also provide tread life warranties.

The only service you can  purchase from Walmart is its Road Hazard protection package, but keep in mind that there is no buy-and-try option available upon this.

All of these warranties will cost you more, so a wise choice would be to go with the protection package offered at Walmart as it is  more affordable if you want to stay on budget. 

What Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Tires From Walmart 

You should know that neither Walmart nor its subsidiaries are tire retailers or manufacturers. They will only have tires that are present on the most typical automobiles in their inventory.

Going online would be the smartest thing to do to save your precious time if you are thinking of using Walmart as your tire supplier. 

You can go through their tire inventory in detail on the Walmart website where thorough information is given for your convenience. If they are out of stock of a tire brand at that moment, you can also order and reserve the tires for yourself.

We would advise you to search some of the web reviews before selecting Walmart to install your new tire. It is always a smart idea checking the expertise of the technical team before you let them work on your car. 

Does Walmart Install Tires 

If a Walmart has a car service center, you can get your tires installed there without any hassle. You will still get the tire put at Walmart even if they aren’t a purchase of Walmart, but there will be an additional fee of $10 per tire.

In other cases, a little surcharge of more than $15 per tire approximately will be the requirement to get your tires mounted at Walmart.

Wrap Up 

In conclusion, Walmart does provide a return policy despite the fact that it is not what you may be looking for in terms of return policies. You can get the tires changed if they haven’t been used. 

You should visit a brand-name tire dealership if you wish to buy and test-drive a tire you have never used before. Moreover, if it’s a winter tire you are thinking of returning, you should forget it. Walmart does not accept the return of any winter tires, even if you haven’t used them once.

We hope that now you are familiar with Walmart’s tire return policy along with other related  information that you should know. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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