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What Tire Brands Does Costco Carry, Ship or Install?

Costco offers various benefits to the people buying tires from them. These incentives will give you potential savings along with convenient buying options. It goes without saying that purchasing tires from Costco will likely result in lower costs than purchasing tires from the majority of tire retailers in the nation. Now, what tire brands does Costco carry would be the question your mind may be wondering!

Costco sells tires from the brands BF Goodrich, Michelin, and Bridgestone. Visitors to its website have the option of searching for tires by size, item number, or vehicle year, make, and model. Costco also sells tires for golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, trailers, and other sorts of vehicles along with car tires.

So keep scrolling as we will be walking you through all the tire brands that Costco carry in this article!

What Type of Tire Brands Does Costco Carry 

Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich tires have been sold at Costco since 2015. Many of the most well-known tire producers in the world are represented by these three tire giants. Tires for automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles are available at Costco. 

The installation of tires can be done by placing an online purchase that will be delivered to a nearby Costco warehouse. They also provide class-leading tires in nearly every other category, including trailers, golf carts,off-road, touring, performance and tires for  all-terrain vehicles.

Why Should You Buy Tires From Costco

There are many reasonable justifications which would urge you to buy tires from Costco. It occasionally runs special deals and gives significant discounts on tires.  Moreover, Costco has a Member Advantage programme for the tires it sells, which is an advantage of purchasing tires from them. Rotation, inflation checks, balancing, and flat-tire repairs are all included in this service which comes at an additional $15 per tire. Along with nitrogen tire inflation, it also features brand-new rubber tire stems

This service also includes warranties on mileage, manufacturer’s flaws, and road hazards for each tire. If your tires need servicing, a Michelin-certified tire technician performs services when tires are serviced as part of the Member Advantage programme. Costco does also mention that certain restrictions apply to flat-tire repairs and that this offer is not accessible for all tires or cars.

These tires often fall into the higher-end pricing range, which is not surprising to us because everyone knows this fact. Those high-end costs, meanwhile, do not seem to be that high-end after all, when you ponder upon how much cash you could possibly save by purchasing them from Costco.

To sum up all the offered benefits, this list has been made for you to know what is is in store for you:

  • Maintenance of tires for life.
  • Tires at affordable prices in sales.
  • Shipping and handling are both free of cost.
  • Offers warranty for all time.

Is Costco a Cheap Option For Shopping Tires 

You must be a paid-up member of Costco, so that you can be eligible for buying tires from them. It should cost you roughly $60 a year. Talking about the Michelin X-Tour tire series, it is only available for Costco members and nobody else. Costco even sells tires that are unavailable at any other place. 

It would be a pleasure to know that you will benefit from affordable rates if you choose to join the Costco cult of savings. This would be possible since the retailer frequently offers discounts on a variety of tires of up to $80 per tire, which equates to savings of up to $320 on a set of four new tires.

Does Costco Offer Lifetime Tire Maintenance 

Not quite, you must remember that Costco is unwilling to maintain tires that are far too old and unsafe for use. However, you can have free lifetime tire maintenance if you are ready to pay an extra $18.99 per tire, or $75,96, that goes beyond the asking price. This service covers the following perks.

  • Replacement of rubber valve stems.
  • Lifetime air pressure checks.
  • Lifetime flat repairs.
  • Lifelong tire rotations and  balancing.
  • Complementary tire installations.

Does Costco Offer Tire Lifetime Warranty 

Even though there are people who testify that Costco replaces tires that have been purposefully damaged, you should not take these claims totally truthful if you read various forum threads on this subject. If something bad happens with your tire, Costco will attempt to fix it.  But if they are unable to do the fix, they will just replace it entirely.

They will examine the tread depth on the damaged tire in both cases. You will either get a credit or a refusal based on the amount of tread life remaining. Naturally, they will repair the tire immediately if it has a manufacturing fault.

Does Costco Offer Free Shipping With Tires

They do, indeed. Nothing along the way requires payment from you, thus Costco is  responsible for any handling costs of tires. It is actually very impressive considering the fact that tires can occupy quite a bit of space in a delivery truck and that Costco normally gives free delivery for purchases making a total of  $75 or more.

What More Should You Know? 

Does Costco Use Nitrogen to Inflate Tires 

The real kicker is that Costco exclusively carries nitrogen—not ordinary compressed air—which should result in far improved tire pressure retention. Therefore, you can benefit from unlimited, cost-free tire fill-ups if you choose to purchase your tires from Costco. This improves durability, handling, but even fuel economy.

It’s important to note that nitrogen isn’t a unique form of air that may force compressed air to float. You can consider adding nitrogen to your tires as that little more that should help you and your tires in the long run since normal compressed air is already 78% nitrogen.

Can You Get Non-Costco Tires Changed at Costco

You can’t, sorry. Regardless of whether you are a member or not, Costco will not really deal with non-Costco tires at all. Tires that weren’t explicitly purchased from Costco won’t be replaced, installed, rotated, balanced, or repaired. If you don’t have all of your receipts or if you’ve neglected your tires, Costco won’t deal with the tires you purchased from them either.

You should also be aware that Costco is not ready to install tires that do not fit the specifications advised for a particular car manufacturer and model year. A manager or supervisor of a Costco tire facility will need to make the decision on the spot whether to install or maintain tires if there are any issues with these disclosures.

Wrap Up

Costco is a terrific place to buy tires since you qualify for a number of additional tire packages, including free shipping and handling, lifetime maintenance, lifetime warranties, and nitrogen tire top-ups rather than compressed air like you would typically receive.

Since 2015, Costco has carried Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich tires, all of which are superior to all other tyre brands currently on the market. Due to their policy of selling anything they can, Costco isn’t the type of wholesaler that specializes in tires.

We hope that now you have got to know which tire brands and facilities does Costco offer. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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