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Where Do I Install Tires Bought Online For Best Price?

Nowadays, you can buy nearly anything from the comfort of your couch. However, if you buy a set of tires in person, you can usually install them there as well. As a result, purchasing tires online will raise the question: where do I install tires bought online?

For any tires you buy online, look for a certified auto shop or dealership to install them. Do not ever trust anyone you do not know, as they may not do a decent job. Make sure to visit a shop with experience installing aftermarket upgrades if you are having aftermarket tires and wheels installed.

One major downside of purchasing tires online is the requirement to find somebody to do the proper installation. To understand more, continue reading because we have provided a list of reliable locations where you can get your tires installed properly.

Where Can You Install Tires That You Bought Online 

You can install the tires for a fair price at almost every major tire manufacturer’s tire center or facility. Additionally, many internet stores provide installation services or, at the very least, installation service vouchers. These may be used at the majority of trustworthy tire shops.

On the other side, you can go to a local tire shop and pay for the installation expenses. In either case, there are a variety of locations where you can do it such as:

Independent Tire Shop

This is the simplest and usually the least expensive method to do it. You should not have to wait too long because these shops normally operate on a smaller scale. Furthermore, a neighborhood independent tire shop usually has deals or exclusive promotions for customers who commonly reside nearby.

The drawbacks of getting your tires installed at a local independent tire shop are related mainly to how skilled and informed your mechanic is. Hence, your neighborhood tire shop may not be able to handle the job if you have a costly car or a vehicle that has center locking nuts.

Large Wholesaler 

Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco are just a few examples of locations that provide a range of car maintenance services as well as inspections. However, not all of them provide tire installation if you have already purchased your tires. 

They have the advantage of long working hours, offering affordable costs. This makes it easy to schedule an appointment in stores like Costco. Customers can also explore their stores while their vehicles are being handled.

On the other hand, these huge wholesaler facilities can sometimes be busy. If you own a luxury car, you would receive the specific attention you have come to anticipate from a specialized workshop. We should also point out that many of these would not affect your car in any way if you are not a registered member.


Owners of expensive cars and vehicles which require more extensive maintenance routinely give their vehicles to dealerships for a variety of services. These include oil changes, extensive repairs, detailing, or even tire installations.

The majority of dealerships would be delighted to see you because they love having returning customers. Because they charge more, most dealerships maintain a significantly higher standard of excellence than with big tire centers and facilities.

Aftermarket Tire and Wheel Shop

Currently, people enjoy customizing their vehicles to make them unique and authentic. This sometimes involves changing the outside appearance to reflect the owner’s personality. 

One option to do this is to spend money on a brand-new set of rims. The majority of these aftermarket stores also provide tire mounting and tire installation services.

It is common for one of these stores to install tires on your current wheels. They are more expensive but would take better care of your vehicle than most of the locations on the list.

Big Chain Tire and Service Centers 

All tire manufacturers, including Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Discount Tire, and Tire Rack, have on-site tire shops where you may bring your tires and vehicle and have them mounted by their professionals at a specified price

These kinds of places usually provide a wide range of auto maintenance services. So you may maintain your automobile as you wait for the installation of your new tires. Some locations may have disadvantages such as being excessively overpriced, too far away, or perhaps too crowded.

Gas Station Service Center 

It depends on the gas station type because not many of them offer services beyond selling fuel, oil, wipers, cooling systems, air compressors, as well as other auto accessories. 

If they do provide tire installation and maintenance services, make sure to check over the facility in advance as these services are undoubtedly not the top preference for most customers.

Oil Change Centers 

Instant oil changes are a highlight of locations like Jiffy Lube and Valvoline. However,  many people also bring their vehicles there for other auto maintenance services, some of which are related to tires. 

As a result, you may also do your research and inquire about their willingness to install your tires when you make contact with your nearby oil change facilities. Do bear in mind that a lot of people are debating the value and basic sense of visiting many of these locations. This is because they are known for not paying satisfying attention to any particular car.

High School or Auto Tech Vocational Center 

Even though it may seem weird, this is actually not a bad idea because mounting, balancing, and installing tires is one of the first things you do in vocational auto repair schools. Also, a professional would supervise a student anytime they are working on a customer’s car.

You should not bring your vintage car there to have the engine rebuilt, but you can save some money by having your tires installed. Many vocational schools also function as independent auto service centers. This entails that they accept shipments like every other auto repair shop with something like a parts department.

What More Should You Know?

Should You Buy Tires Online 

Online shopping is becoming a very common practice for most products. Mostly because it is so easy. Though this is not entirely a good thing, because in addition to tire installation, internet tire purchase poses a few other difficulties. 

The inability to inspect tires before purchasing them may sometimes lead to a variety of problems. If you go out and purchase the tires on your own, you would not have to be concerned regarding shipping, shipping insurance, or if something goes wrong during delivery. 

You can buy tires whenever you need them and get them right away by simply going to a local tire shop

Internet stores also usually entice new customers by offering a variety of promotions, packages, deals, and coupons. It makes sense to purchase tires online but only from trustworthy tire retailers, as they should be sufficiently secure while collecting and processing payment information.

Can You Install Tires By Yourself 

It may seem like a good idea to install your own tires so you can save money. But, it all relies on what you require to perform and whether you are equipped with the instruments necessary for the job. 

Also, bear in mind that not all locations, particularly those without level ground, are secure for tire installation.

On the contrary, you can do it yourself if all that has to be done is to switch out your wheels and tires. Make sure to provide enough space between your vehicle and the flow of traffic. 

You should preferably in a covered garage. Park your car on flat ground at all times, and do not forget to use the parking brake.

When your automobile remains on the ground, you should start by loosening the nuts keeping your tires on. You should use a jack to lift your car after freeing your nuts. 

While using numerous jacks is usually a good idea, just one jack is necessary to change your tires. Replace the wheels after removing your nuts and elevating the car. That should work if you follow the same steps in reverse.

Where Should You Buy Tires From 

Once you have figured out where do I install tires that I bought online, you can explore multiple venues and online stores that will be more than happy to deliver the wheels to your doorsteps such as:


Median Cost: $103
Installation Cost: $15
Major Attributes: Road Hazard Warranty, Low prices, Large selection.
Selection: Vast selection of all types of tires.

Sam’s Club

Median Cost: $143
Installation Cost: $20
Major Attributes: Low prices, Road Hazard Warranty, Exclusive deals.
Selection: A dozen of premium brands


Median Cost: $168
Installation Cost: $18.99
Major Attributes: Road Hazard Warranty, Lifelong maintenance.
Selection: Michelin, BFG, Bridgestone.

Note that Costco offers others services as well which may be complimentary if you purchase the tires from this store!

Discount Tire

Median Cost: $161
Installation Cost: $22
Major Attributes: Online shopping with fast and free shipping.
Selection: Vast selection range of all types of tires.

Although Discount Tire does not do tire alignment, you can get installation and other tire-maintenance services here which may be complimentary if you purchase the wheels from the store as well.

Tire Rack

Median Cost: $163
Installation Cost: $24
Major Attributes: Discounts, Quick online shopping, Largest model selection. Selection: Some dozen of premium and non-premium quality brands.

BJ’s Tire Center

Median Cost: $144
Installation Cost: $20
Major Attributes: Road Hazard Warranty, Free lifetime maintenance with installation included.
Selection: Around 15 premium quality brands.

Wrap Up

You can install the tires that you bought online in a variety of locations.. Given this, you must do your research to identify the location that gives the best value in terms of both quality and pricing. A few of them are preferable to others.

The least popular options are generally oil stores or gas station service stations, which are also generally the most expensive yet operate at far higher quality levels than dealers, specialty wheel and tire shops.

We hope that now you have got to know where to install the tires which you have bought online and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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