Best Motorcycle Jacks 2022 Reviews – Buying Tips & Guide

Motorcycle Floorjacks are of great importance with unique features incorporated into them.

People who prefer self-maintenance of their vehicles are surely on the right track. There is just a need for the RIGHT TOOLS that will impart durability and longevity to your bike.

This not only excels the quality of your product but also saves you from the fatigue of spending unnecessary money on its maintenance.

Before I walk you through the best choice for motorcycle floor jacks, let’s get into a quick description of what MOTORCYCLE FLOOR JACKS are.

What are Motorcycle Floor Jacks?

Motorcycle jacks are quick tools allowing you to lift up your motorbikes in the required position to have access to all its parts. This elevation by floor jacks provides you with the feasibility of maintaining your bike according to your requirements.

1- Powerzone 380047 1700 Lb Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

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Its salient features have enabled it to mount its model of hydraulic jack is one of the top picks for all the bike/motorcycle enthusiasts out there.

At on top of the recommended floor jack list. It is surely an incredible choice to pick.

Distinctive Features Such As

  • Weight Bearing Capacity

This hydraulic jack has magnificent construction enabling it to bear the weight of 1,700 lbs. It can easily entertain most of the bikes due to its resilient steel structure.

  • Lifting Range

The respective jack is capable of lifting vehicles to a height ranging from 4-1/2” to

14-1/2” which allows the person to get access to the components that are to be repaired without causing them any harm

  • T-Shaped Handle

It consists of a removable T-shaped handle. This handle gives a steady and solid grip for positioning the vehicle to the preferred position.

Also, there are saddle pads present on the floor jack which due to their rubber surface, keep the vehicle free of damage and scratches while handling.

  • Foot-Activated Pump

Its distinction marks in the incorporated foot-activated pump which allows the users to keep their hands free while operating the jack.

This is because of the hydraulic system inculcated into it facilitating the lift of the vehicle by merely using your foot on the foot pedal.

  • Easy to Store

PowerZone 380074 hydraulic jack can easily be stored due to its closely packed structure with a height of just 4-1/2″, requiring minimum space in the garage when not in use.


  • Weighs around 62.4 lbs.
  • Promising stability
  • Foot activated pump
  • Flexible storage


  • Bit costly
  • Does not suit the low-profile bike


OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift
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OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift has its own unique features that pursue one to opt for it. Its efficiency lies in its versatility, while stability being one of the reasons allowing it to excel among further types existing in parallel.

Distinctive Features Such As


If you’re looking for a motorcycle lift that would provide immense stability while lifting a vehicle, then OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift is the right choice! Not only it helps in elevating a weight of 1500lbs despite the aluminum structure but also consists of a safety lock that assists in holding a lift to a certain position.


Talking about its lifting range, it gives a rise of 3-1/2” to 16-3/4” being its minimum to maximum respectively.


The existence of a 17” skid provides support for lifting the heaviest vehicle including the largest and wide cruisers with durable strength and stability while using the lift.


One of the highlighted advantages of this lift is that it has a removable handle which gives an approach of 360° to the motorbike with ease, helping the biker to introduce the repairs required.


Foot pedal release prevents your vehicle from plunging when kept at a certain height. It is designed with ratcheting straps and locking rear casters which are locked up, provided that the automatic safety lock escalates the safety of a vehicle.


The lift is foldable to a maximum height of 3-1/2”.


  • Weighs around 74 lbs
  • Preferable for heavy motorcycles
  • Skid assists in heavy lifting
  • Allows an excess of 360°


  • Not recommended for ATVs
  • The hydraulic system may interfere while lowering the vehicle

3- Black Widow Cruiser Touring Motorcycle Jack Lift Stand:

Black Widow MC-JACK
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Motorcycle jacks are multifaceted majorly because of their ability to cater to motorcycles of varying weights i.e. from heaviest to the lightest.

Hence, if you want to explore jacks that would accommodate your light vehicle, then Black Widow MC-JACK Steel Motorcycle-Jack is the best choice for you.

Distinctive Features Such As


This jack, made up of exquisite steel can easily bear the weight of 1100lbs including a wide range of bikes to be lifted for service.

Its ability to lift both the rear and front tires marks as one of its dominating features.


The average lifting range of this jack extends from 3-3/4″ to 16-1/4″ high. In addition to this, they are embodied with adapters that are extractible, allowing you to alter a height of 2” to 3-1/4” in addition.


Elevating the vehicle manually is no more difficult due to the presence of a hex socket handle, enabling it to raise and demote the vehicle flexibly without any strain.


As the name indicates, the jack is varnished with black powder, which serves as a trump card for preventing it from any unwanted rusting and corrosions.


Protection is the prime importance in maintaining vehicles. Therefore, this is constructively ensured in Black Widow MC-JACK due to the rubber padding on the adapters that will avert any sort of miss-balance of the bike keeping it in the desired place.


  • Weighs around 32 lbs
  • Preventive against corrosion
  • Provides an additional variation in height
  • Rubber padding enhances grip


  • A bit difficult to fit under every vehicle
  • Less convenient than the above two

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