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Discount Tire Rotation Cost and Does It Offer It For Free?

Car tires often require high maintenance. They require thorough checks not just because they are your point of contact with the road but also as they are a wear-intensive component. So if you want to get this done while remaining under budget, you should check out Discount Tire rotation cost right away.

Rotating your tires is among the smartest ways you can undertake to save wear on your tires, and Discount Tire is the ideal location to do it. They would rotate and balance your tires for free if you get tires from them. The same tire lifetime service is still available for $22 per tire even if you did not purchase the tires from there.

Tire rotation is available at all Discount Tire locations. So, how much does a tire rotation cost at Discount Tire? Read the article below to find out more!

How Much Does It Cost To Rotate A Set Of Tire At Discount Tires

Tire rotation services typically cost between $24 and $50 at retail stores. Some auto repair firms may even charge you more than $120. Usually, you pay according to the value of the extra services you receive.

Drivers would know that Discount Tire does not offer tire alignment but when it comes to rotations, the charges are quite affordable. Discount Tire store will charge you $15 for each tire, which is a little less expensive. You will receive free tire rotations if you buy your tires there, though.

Other car stores usually offer similar promotions as well. Discount Tires’ $15 price is still considerably less expensive than the other price ranges, though.

You can also choose to use a coupon when you wish to gain discounts on other services. So keep those coupons and take advantage of more services at less cost.

Does Discount Tire Offer Free Tire Rotations

What can be better than an economical tire rotation? One that is free! You can get them without paying extra through a variety of Discount Tire services. Discount Tire will provide you with a free tire rotation or balancing if you buy your tires or wheels there.

Even the price of new wheels should be lower. You only need to bring your car there and follow a few instructions to get started. Take along your receipt as further verification that you purchased your tires from Discount Tire.

What Services Does Discount Tire Provide

Each customer who has purchased tires from Discount Tire is eligible for complimentary wheel balancing and rotation. They are known to usually waive the tire rotation fee, even though company policy is to only offer such free service to loyal customers.

If they do charge you, which they probably would if you did not purchase your tires from them, they provide a lifetime of tire maintenance service for $22 per tire that covers balance and rotation along with TPMS Rebuild kits or rubber valve stems, flat tire repair, air pressure checks, and tire condition inspections.

This is not a poor deal if the tire dealership does not include a warranty as the one mentioned above with your tires. A basic tire set will undergo ten rotations. You pay an average of $8.8 each rotation, which is more than you can say, Walmart tire rotation cost, but you also receive all the other perks that come with the package. A rotation lasts an hour on average.

Why You Should Rotate Your Tires

Rotating your tires helps to extend their tread life. But why does it do any good? In any case, all four tires are traveling at the same pace on the same road. Well, your wheels do lots of things, though.

Turning is always performed with the front wheels, and according to your car, a few or all of them are responsible for transferring engine power to the ground. Also, braking percentages vary based on the type of drive system the car has for each wheel.

For instance, the front-wheel-drive car normally uses 80% of its front brakes and 20% of its rear brakes. Several ways exist for each of these things to impact your tires. Your driving tires would always wear out faster because they are applying more force and typically have a larger percentage of braking.

Also, when turning, your tires go through a distinct form of wear. The tire’s outer edge will degrade significantly more quickly relative to the more uniform wear of rear-wheel tires.

In general, the front tires on your car will probably wear out before the back ones. You can achieve an equitable distribution of wear across all of them by rotating your tires in addition to a more consistent wear pattern.

What More Should You Know?

What Does Tire Rotation Mean

Someone once told me that they drive with lots of tire rotation. This is definitely not what is intended when discussing rotating tires, though it makes for a hilarious pun. You switch the positions of the tires next to one another when you rotate the tires.

The most popular tire swapping techniques are front to back and back to front but crossed over. There are a few other variations as well. Others are the crossed straight front-to-back, left-to-right, back-to-front, and front-to-back, as well as variants of these that use a full-size spare tire.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires

As a general guideline, you should rotate your tires whenever you get your oil changed. What does that convert to in terms of mileage though? Before a few years ago, you had to obtain an oil change every 3,000 miles; however, thanks to recent lubricants, this number has been massively increased.

Nowadays, manufacturers advise oil changes every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If your car uses complete synthetic oil, this amount may even quadruple at 15,000 miles.

Although the typical mileage of 5,000 to 7,500 miles is a reasonable rotation cycle for tires, synthetic oil has quite a high mileage for this purpose. If your driving style is not overly aggressive, however, this mileage range is acceptable.

However, not all automobiles will travel the average distance. This number does apply to vehicles with front-wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD), but all-wheel drive (AWD) as well as four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles necessitate more regular tire rotations. generally speaking, 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers.

Thus, if you have a FWD or RWD vehicle, you can have your tires rotated each time you get your oil changed. But, if you drive a 4WD or AWD car, you may want to have your tires rotated both when you are getting an oil change and between oil changes.

Can I Rotate The Tires On My Own

Definitely, but you should first determine if your tires are directional or non-directional before rotating them at home.


These tires have a distinctive one-way tread design that promotes wheel rotation in a single direction. Each is designed exclusively for the left or right side of a vehicle. The way to rotate directional tires is to switch your front tires with your rear tires, and vice versa. You must swap out tires that are on the identical side.


You can install tires on almost any side of the car and rotate your tires in any direction as they have no directional features. You should use a criss-cross pattern while rotating a non-directional tire rather than rotating a directional tire using the same side pattern.

How To Rotate Tires By Yourself

If Discount tire rotation cost seems too much, you can consider doing it by yourself! Tools you would be needing for rotating the tires on your own include very basic equipment which is listed below:

  • Car Jack
  • Jack stands, you can use concrete blocks or bricks as well.
  • Tire iron

Step 1: Make care to engage the parking brake in order to retain safety throughout the process.

Step 2: Remove each lug nut from your wheels. After your car  is lifted, this makes removal easier.

Step 3: Lift your automobile with a jack, then support it in the raised position with jack supports or blocks. Repeat the process on both sides, rotating the tires in accordance with their directional or non-directional properties.

We do not advise doing this because it can result in accidents, yet some folks prefer four jacks to elevate their car fully off the ground.

Step 4: After completion. When you gradually lower your automobile, make sure all of the lug nuts remain fastened as securely as you can. When that happens, you are done rotating your tires!

Do Rotating Your Tires at Discount Tire Have Any Downsides

Online criticism of Discount Tire’s free tire service has led to some complaints, which has us a little concerned. Despite the fact that we have not personally seen this at Discount Tire, we have seen the following at other locations.

Online users claim that Discount Tire’s free services are untrue. that they constantly inspect your car for problems in order to propose to repair it and generate a profit. Anyone who has visited a Jiffy Lube will undoubtedly understand what we mean.

To be clear, not all establishments would act like this, there will always be a troublemaker in every bunch. This does not mean that all businesses or stores act in this manner.

Wrap Up

To sum up the Discount Tire rotation cost, if you purchased your tires from the store, they would rebalance and service your tire at no cost to you. You can still visit them if you do not, but you would probably have to pay $22 for the tire maintenance package.

When you add up the total number of tire rotations and all of the other services included in the package, you would  find that this is actually rather affordable. If you are taken back by the fact that it does not offer certain other services, you can always look into Costco tire alignment and maintenance service costs for good deals.

We hope that now you have got yourself aware with Discount Tire rotation cost and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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