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Does Walmart Install Tires For Free Or It Charges For The Service?

Walmart is probably a known place to you where you can buy practically everything. This thing has played a huge role in its growth as well. You can just grab your shopping cart and fill it up with strawberries, eggs, milk, and even tires! However, the majority of us need installation while replacing the tires on our cars. So, does Walmart install tires for free? Well, you have to continue this reading to find out!

In stores with a Tire & Lube Express Vehicle Care Center, Walmart does perform tire installations. For a basic tire installation package, tire installation at Walmart costs as little as $15 per tire. They may also offer  additional services like lug nut replacements and long-term tire care.

Even tires can now be purchased at Walmart. But, it will cost you to have them installed in Walmart. But do all tires fall under this pricing? All the information you require regarding tire purchases and tire installation at Walmart can be found in this article below!

Does Walmart Offer Tire Installation For Free

Walmart offers an extensive range of services. Tire changes are one of those services. But for free? No mate! There is a valid explanation behind it. Not everything has to be free. Since quality service is pricey, it should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. If someone offered to change the tire for free, We would not feel comfortable recommending that as the procedure is quite challenging.

How Much Does Walmart Charge For Tire Installation 

A tire change is a component of Walmart’s entire group of Auto Care Center services. After reading this article, you would notice that changing a tire is a little trickier than you may first believe.

Only tires that you purchased from Walmart are subject to Walmart’s $15 tire installation fee. Any tires can be installed at Walmart, but you would be charged an additional $10 per tire if you bought the tires somewhere else.

What Does Tire Changing Include

Following are the services that you get when you get a tire changing package. We would be discussing each one in detail as well so that you can get an idea about what are you actually getting through these services:

1. Tire Mounting 

You would have to pay $5 per tire for this service if you purchased tires from Walmart. Bring your own tires, and the fee is doubled to $10 per tire. Why does putting a tire on a rim make such a difference? You see, you risk damaging the tire or the rim without the right equipment and trained workers. We should believe that a massive corporation like Walmart is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to do a good job.

But then, does a low cost for this service suggest discouraged staff members? Although it may appear like a pretty basic task, installing tires requires a lot of attention. The old tire must first be safely unmount before the new tire can be carefully mounted.

If the workers have been working for a while without receiving a raise, we can understand their dilemma. Even after all that, you really cannot really expect the task to be carried out perfectly. Keep in mind that this kind of service would be 30–50% more expensive elsewhere. Obviously, it is not a major concern if the person working on it is a qualified and experienced professional

2. Valve Stem Installation 

It is a good idea to replace the air valves at the same time as the old tire. The air valve serves as the only feature that maintains the proper tire pressure since nearly all brand-new tires are tubeless. The air valve’s lifespan is similar to that of the tire because the rubber simply loses its elasticity with time, stiffens up, and degrades quickly. 

So, avoid going ahead and asking the local Walmart auto center to replace the air valve too. Each tire will be charged an extra $3 for this service. Don’t you worry, it would be worth it. Does it cost nothing again? Sorry mate!

3. Tire Balancing 

It is time for balancing once the valve and tire have been installed. Given that the tire is brand-new, you may assume that balancing should not be a major deal. Even so, one should give this some consideration. Despite the fact that today’s high-tech balancing machines are quite accurate, the technician is eventually responsible for operating the machine and placing the proper weights in the designated settings.

Slight manufacturing defects can cause a lot of chaos because nothing is ever produced correctly. especially when moving quickly. That is how balance operates. It is also not free. You would just spend $14 per tire for a lifelong balance and rotation, so it’s not a major expenditure.

What More Should You Know? 

Is It Cheaper To Buy Tires From Walmart

On its website, Walmart offers specific tire discounts from a number of retailers. When compared to buying tires directly from the tire manufacturer, Walmart is usually less expensive. Moreover, there are three choices when purchasing tires from Walmart online:

  • Free delivery to your home.
  • Free delivery to any Walmart location.
  • If the tires you have picked from Walmart are in stock, you can pick them up the same day.

Wrap Up

Walmart provides tire installation services at locations that have a Tire & Lube Express Vehicle Care Center. The cost of tire installation would vary depending on whether you purchased the tires from Walmart or if you added any extra items or services to the installation package.

You should complete the entire process online if you plan on buying tires and have them installed at Walmart. This would enable you to find out where your preferred tires are offered and whether tire installation is part of the auto care services provided at that particular location.

We hope that now you have got to know about tire installation at Walmart, its price range, and other relevant information. Hit the comment section if you still have any confusion. We would love to serve you with the needed guidance!

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